So sad!

I just seen this really sad post on a different forum( which I am new to) and I was wondering what you all think? I don’t know how nice the people are on the forum and to be honest I am a little cautious…Would you trust it…if so I was going to go through my stash and maybe dye up a skein of sock yarn for her as it is the season:wink: and how sad to lose everything right before Christmas!!
If you trust it maybe we could all help:hug:

I’d be inclined to believe her from the # of posts she’s made. And I know from experience that trailers burn FAST!! I’d probably go for it. If it is a scam, she must be in dire need of a fix and we all know how bad that could be!!

its hard to say if anything (or anyone) on-line is absolutely true… if you are new to the forum where it was posted, maybe wait a day or two to see what other people say about it? is there a way to research who the poster is? look at previous posts? Does the person list a general location that you could google for new stories about recent house fires?

I know the first impulse is always to want to help people in such a terrible situation. unfortunately, in today’s world, not everyone is on the level. I have NO information on this post or this person, but personally, I’d want more information first… if it does seem legitimate, then go for it.

having gotten severely burned in the past (more than once) by people who claimed to really need help (even one who claimed to be army, i got a COLONEL from the PETAGON to look into it… he’s my adoptive dad… she ended up being guilty of identity theft and mentally unstable).

Until i have names, dates, photos, and news stories i tend to be highly skeptical.

This may sound cold and by all means, I do not intend to be cold, however, after going through a house fire in which we also lost everything, insurance (provided they had/have insurance to cover a fire) will reimburse them for their losses and out of pocket expenditures incurred due to the loss of their home.

If you’re having any trust issues, as I know I would, at least you may be able to take comfort in knowing that she will (provided there was good insurance coverage) be able to ‘rebuild’ her collection.

I wouldn’t send money…but yarn, I probably would. After all…it’s not that expensive AND I would feel good about doing it. Who cares if it’s a mass yarn scam? I guess I would rather err on the side of kindness than err on the side of mistrust.

I had someone buy me a gift card to a local grocery store two years ago when money was really, really tight in our household. They only knew me from online, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that kindness. It meant so much to me that someone would do that…especially as I wasn’t looking for a handout when I posted…I was just venting and needed to yell somewhere.

I agreee it is good to be cautious. I got sucked in BIG TIME a couple years ago with Hurricaine Katrina. Being a “bleeding heart” I sent more money to different causes than I had any “right” too. Later found out some of it was not legit.

BUT, in this case, a skein or two of yarn is not going to break you and even though she may have insurance what a great feeling it would be to rebuild your stash from people all around the country who don’t even know you. I know I would be touched.

I was venting a few months ago on a pregnancy forum about how I wouldn’t be able to get my stash from storage and had next to nothing to do to keep hands busy, etc. It was a pretty low point and I was reaching out for emotional support as we were in a very very hard spot. Like Misty, I wasn’t looking for a handout, just wanted to rant for a minute. One of the women on the forum, raided her stash and sent me a box of yarn she no longer wanted or had a use for. I’m using one of the balls she sent me to teach my daughter to knit with and I have plans for alot of the rest. I wasn’t expecting it, and just the generosity of a stranger kind of brought tears to my eyes.

I agree with not sending money, but a ball or two of yarn never hurt anyone and it IS the season after all.

I don’t want to sound mean here, but it sounds really fishy to me. I think what kills it for me is the line that the fire department didn’t come because they lived in the boonies. From what I understand, the firedepartment always comes when called. You think when you call 911 they are going to ask if the house is totaled, cause in that case they won’t come? Anyway, as I said that is just my gut. If you are going to just send yarn, hey no big loss right, but it gets even more fishy to me when the original poster asked for money. Ok, thats it.

I’m with Chrissy. The fire department isn’t going to refuse to come out based on the idea that they can’t save the house- what about the PEOPLE who were in the house? And if they are indeed in the boonies, what about the possibility of the fire spreading to the surrounding grass/trees/whatever? It does sound terribly fishy to me. Then again, I too have gotten burned in similar situations, so I am perhaps more cautious than I should be.

Very, [I]very[/I] fishy. My DH is a retired firefighter. They always go to fires no matter where they are. There are rare occasions where they have to let a house burn if there is no way to defend it and IF they are trying to protect the homes around it like in a brush fire, but under normal circumstances? No way. I don’t know where this woman lives, but even if they didn’t/couldnt’ fight the fire they WOULD come to protect surrounding homes. I’d say find another charity.

Don’t you think they’d want to go out and check for hot spots at the very least?

Although I did find this

As someone who lived in the boonies, I know for a fact that the firemen will not come to some fires. Depending on the county lines, and where her firefighters come from, they might not come out if they did not think they could get there in time to save the house. My friend’s house burned down around Christmas when I was 15, and no the firefighters did not come to put out the fire, and they did not have insurance.

Even there, the fire dept showed up to protect the surrounding area, if nothing else.

I suppose it’s plausible that the fire department wouldn’t come out if they had stated the fire was out, nothing could be saved, etc. I find it odd though that someone from the fire department, even a volunteer fire department wouldn’t show up to check out the situation at all. The experience I have with small, rural areas and VFD’s is that those guys/gals hear the call on the scanner and are there no matter what. Most of the time they are protecting their friends and are more than willing to come. Of course, I don’t know these people’s situation but from a stranger’s standpoint it seems odd that nobody from the surrounding township would show up and file a report of some sorts. :shrug:

Yeesh, even if it is a scam, if a $5 ball of yarn plus $1.65 in shipping won’t break you, send it. If she did concoct the story to get free yarn, she is obviously IDNO fibers:teehee:

I wouldn’t however send a $15 pair of Addis;)

If they are as slow as the fire dept. around here, they probably figured there was no use in calling them. We’ve had a couple of fires around here where none of the firefighters even reported to the station.

ETA: I went and read more posts at the other place. I was with her 100% until she stated about sending money instead if it was easier. I don’t know many knitters that wouldn’t take the time to select and send yarn and things if they wanted to help. Now I’m on the fence and undecided.

Yeah, the more that is written, the fishier it sounds. An awful lot of detail on the yarns and needles, packaging, and specifically, the PayPal account. I know everyone is different and would make different choices, but me, if I were going through that same thing, I would not specifically set up a PayPal account. If a friend surprised me with donations from people, that would be one thing, but, having enough knowledge to set up a PayPal account for people to make donations…that’s one thing I would never do.

It also seems to me she’s trying awfully hard to convince people. Maybe I’m just too skeptical and untrusting.

And sure, sending a ball of yarn even if it were a scam really isn’t a big deal, however, in my mind, it’s the principle…Sending it anyway only promotes scams and allows scammers to continue to abuse people’s trust and generosity. I’m not implying this is a scam, however, there’s just too much that sounds like it’s not all on the up and up.

What does living ‘out in the boonies’ mean? :??

HAHAHAHA, living in the “boonies” means you live way out in the country FAR from the nearest town.
My DH is fire chief in a small rural fire department. Our Fire Department covers 55 square miles and there are only 4 Firemen in the department. It is very possible that a fire could occur during the day when none of the firemen were around and no one would respond. Most departments do have a mutual aid agreement with surrounding companies (ours does). In the event that a call is received and there is no response from the Fire Department the next closest FD is called.

Unfortunately in rural areas that can delay response for 45 minutes or longer. Which means that in that amount of time (not to mention the time it may have taken to discover the fire) the structure would most likely be a total loss. It does seem that at some point SOMEONE would respond but it is possible that it would not have been timely enough to put out the Fire.
I guess I want to think the best of people. It seems like an awful lot of trouble to go to to scam people fro YARN!!! Now if they were soliciting money I might be more cautious. There are certainly alot of people out there scamming and cheating but I prefer to remain optomistic and assume positive intent when ever possible.