So my 1st package came

well it’s been a month since I placed my order i’m sure you guys know by now :oops: After I called knitpicks about my missing order they sent out a replacement. When I came home today the Orginal order finally came after a MONTH!! Do I call knitpicks up and send back the package? Or do they just charge me again? :verysad:

I would call them and ask how they want you to handle it. Seems like the best and most honest way to do it.

They should definitely not charge you a second time. They should either tell you to keep both packages (woohoo!) or, most likely, they’ll ask you to return it at their expense.

You should not have to pay anything more than your original charge. This is their problem, not yours.

Forget that~ keep 'em both~ :oops:

Tell em to prove that you have BOTH packages :twisted: :twisted:

You can refuse delivery of the 2nd one (if you’re home) and it will be returned, but it’s a good idea to let them know. They’ll only charge you if you keep both…


Just out of curiosity, was the package stamped with the date it was mailed?

:?? Personally I would never feel comfortable doing this, to me it’s dishonest. That aside…what if Knitpicks has a trace on the first package and finds out it’s been delivered? You probably wouldn’t be trusted again by the company.

I’m at work right now so i’m not sure if it’s on the box, however… knitpicks sent me a replacement and the invoice on it was from the 2nd request.

Oh, so probably the first order was lost then. I work in customer service and twice this month I’ve had calls from customers about their orders and it appears that UPS lost them. Both were scanned as sent out on the truck for delivery to the customers, and that’s the last they were seen.


you usually have up to three days to inform UPS that you are refusing a package and they will come back and get it as long as you haven’t opened it and all that. you could call them to refuse it but I would call knitpicks first and ask them what they would prefer you do.

as far as just keeping it without calling them-- i am afraid karma would probably come calling on that one. oooh and they probably did file a claim with UPS so UPS will definitely deny the claim because it has been delivered.

remind me what was in the missing package? it is likely that it will just be cheaper for them to have you keep it unless it was the full options set.

If the carrier loses a package, they’re responsible for it and the shipper can file a claim against them for the value of the items.


Same thing happened to me with another company. Order was delayed by over a month so they sent me a replacement. Whaddya know, I got the first one within 3 days. It was USPS so it was in my mailbox.
I sent them an email informing them about the mistake and asking how I should handle the return. I got a very nice email from them telling me to keep the yarn (it was $30 worth) with their compliments. I wrote back with many thanks :slight_smile:
Just let them know, and they’ll tell you what to do.

That happened to me with a CD from Amazon once.

THey lost my original one…shipped me a replacement a month after we figured out it was missing…and then 2 months LATER the original CD showed up! The box was beat to crap…but the CD was still great condition.

Amazon let me keep the 2nd one…maybe knitpicks will be like that?

Just called knitpicks, since my order was under $12, they said I could keep it :happydance: and also it was the first time ever this happened with this company and with any package that went MIA.

:cheering: :happydance: :cheering: :happydance:

YOU WON OUT IN THE END~!! :rofl: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I have always found that HONESTY is the best Policy!! You usually get reqarded in the end!! Many years ago I ordered a rather expensive guitar for my daughter for Christmas but ordered it in October. The package came and rather than open it I slid it under my bed to hide it. I never opened it til a few days before Chritsmas. Imagine my suprise when I discovered that instead of the $600.00 guitar I had ordered they sent me a $1,300.00 12 string (but charged me for the lesser guitar). Boy did I struggle with my conscious over that one.

But in the end I called the company, told them what happened and asked what I should do. They could not BELIEVE I was calling to tell them about the mistake. No one quite knew how to handle it. In the end they told me to keep the more expensive guitar and thanked me for being honest.

I am a true believer in KARMA!!

yay for being honest!! :cheering:

Yeah, my company (large office supply store) just issues a credit for the wrong item if it’s under $20. Costs more than it’s worth to issue a pickup request and have someone go get a $5 box of pens…