So maybe this is a silly question

…especially since I might already know the answer. I’m knitting a pair of modified gloves for my favorite guy, and I want to get the best yarn possible. It has to be durable, because hes rough with his hands, and it has to be machine washable, because I know he wont take the time to handwash them, and I also want it to be soft. They sound like miracle gloves to me, but I thought I’d give it a shot. Do any of you know of any wonderfully awesome yarn like this, or should I just stick with some Simply Soft?

I guess the first question would be what size of yarn are you seeking…

I love to do gloves in a sock yarn, and getting a superwash wool does take some abuse.

Im not sure what size yarn I want to use. Im pretty much winging it on these gloves. Hes asked for a pair of gloves with only his thumb, index, and middle fingers closed up like a glove, and the rest fingerless. Im pretty sure I wont find a pattern for that, so I was just planning on combining a couple patterns together. So I guess anything bigger than fingering, but smaller than bulky.

Is wool okay? I have problems with most wools, but not with 100% superwash merino wool (so soft too).

Wool is fine. He said hes no allergic to any animal fibers, and I’ve recently discovered that I can knit with the wool, but not wear it. So I just need to get a superwash wool? It wont felt if he throws it in the washer?

Superwash wool isn’t supposed to felt, but it must say ‘superwash’ on the label. I’m still careful though and turn the item inside out, put in a mesh laundry bag, and wash on gentle cycle with cold water, and hang to dry.

Some wools are okay for handwashing, but again check the label. Usually there is a little hand symbol on the label to let you know to hand wash it.

If you ever have a felting project, the wool must NOT be superwash or it won’t felt!

Cool! He washes all his garments with cold water anyway, hes terrified of shrinking. So I guess I’ll start searching for manly colored superwash wool. Is there a particular brand that is exceptional?

Moda dea makes a washable wool. I have a pair of mitts made from it, it does wash well. It gets softer.
p.s. I got your letter today =)

Awesome! I think thats what I might use. And awesome you got my letter, too. I guess that means I should post those pictures of my hat, eh? lol

with lots of color choices.


I wonder if a blend of wool with something strong like nylon would hold up better for “work” mitts? It used to be pretty standard to make sock yarn with a little nylon to make it stronger. Just a thought.

whoa, sock yarn? cool.