So Many Things to do...So little time!

Ahh… I have so many things I want to do, I am starting to feel overwhelmed. But too excited to stop!

For everyone who wants babies to knit for, be careful what you wish for. I said it, and now I have 3 babies to knit for. My 2 cousins are due in October and November, and my college friend is due January. I started knitting up one baby blanket and got 25% done but there’s so many things I want to do all at once it’s hard to focus.

Especially because I have 3 loves. Knitting, Gaming and Webdesign.

I have been playing an old copy of Tomb Raider 2 and am about half way through when I got the desire to start the baby blankets. And now I sit here dying to knit and play at the same time and I can’t do that, so I end up surfing KH for hours, or looking up patterns I want to do. So that makes me want to knit up all those hats and scarves for myself before fall gets here… PLUS I have a tank top OTN that I need to frog so I can turn it into a sweater, since I was NOT feeling the tank.

And lastly, Jessica came up with some fantastic news and a great opportunity, (post here - blog here) and I offered my web skills to her, and lemme tell you, I am so excited to help her out and get the ball rolling on that, so I keep flipping around and testing out things and planning out ideas for that.

Oh ya, did I mention I am planning my wedding in there too? haha. I am making the invites completely by hand so I am fortunate I am only inviting about 30 people and most of them are in family groups so I will only send one invite per family group… but wow…

I feel like I have Hobby ADD. Anyone else get this? It feels better to lay it all out. I need to plan this out on a calendar I think. So I know when and what I will do.

If I were you, I would come up with a schedule to fit everything in. Maybe you could dedicate a night to each hobby. That way you’ll have something to look forward to, and each hobby/task will be taken care of.

that sounds EXACTLY like me. it’s easier to actually finish something if i pick something smallish. one day i’ll try my patience with a sweater. until then, i may be turning into the hat queen! (maybe i should try my hand at socks, just to throw a little more variety into the mix. :think:)

i just thought of something. maybe you could use gaming as a reward. for example, for every project you complete, you get five hours of gaming time. that would totally work for me.

well I am trying out some discipline right now.

1 hour after work I spend online, then I will knit while watching the soaps I taped and watching tv time. (I have a bad habit of just not knitting when I could easily be knitting…and want to knit, go figure.) and then 10-midnight I will game!

My mom booked the location for the wedding so this weekend I am pulling out the stops and getting the invites made and ready to be stamped and delivered.

After my resolution to KNIT KNIT KNIT when just sitting, I have accomplished another 2 repeats of the baby blanket pattern woot! I would say I am around 45% to 50% complete now!

And the website situation I won’t think about until Jessica emails me with all her details and ideas.

My solution to this dilemma was to knit while dh plays (we like the
same games) and it works out perfectly. I can be a “backseat
driver” in the game and work on my knitting!!! Now about all the
other things I want to do…no such easy solution :slight_smile:

I too have the same dilemma, and am about to throw online classes into the mix again. I took a term off and now I HAVE to go back or the dean will keep calling me at work and home…:ick:
So… before the class starts this sunday, I am knitting while watching my tivo shows after work, then I game (currently playing the new Tomb Raider):inlove: and go to bed. Beer flows evenly amongst the 2. Don’t know what i am going to do when I have to work on my homework!:??

Hey… here is a thought. WHAT are you knitting for the babies… can it be sized down for right now… forexample can the baby blankets be stroller blankets, and maybe a hat for each… the babies will keep growing and mommy/daddy would be very happy tor receive more goodies as he/she grows. You know when the baby is born mommy gets booccos of presents but after a short while they stop. so take those patterns you love and put them in a file or folder and mark them as 3 mos, 6mos, 9mos etc… and then you can return and make more goodies as the baby grows ( and can :heart: them for hos special they are … KWIM?
then for the video games I think mulder was right… 1 hour knt=1hr game… and as far as your wedding invitations (congrats btw:cheering:) can you use a software program and then some handmade touches… that way you can cut down some of the assembly time ( Like use calligraphy from the software) and then tweak them to make them your own…
don’t forget to take a break too… I think you are stressing yourself too much.