So many stripes! Help please?

OK, I’m a newbie to knitting and I started working on this project last night. I thought it would be a great one to try since its so simple… garter stitch throughout and its all made in one piece then you sew up the seams.

My only problem is how the heck do I change colors EVERY row? Would it be easier to cut each yarn off after each row and weave in ALL those ends later? Or should I keep all the yarns attach and carry the extras up the seams? Its alternating 5 colors over 5 rows so I’d be carrying the yarn up 4 rows… I don’t know if that will look like crap or if it will be hidden when I sew up the side seams?

Any advice would be SO appreciated :slight_smile:

I think you could do it either way. If you seam up the sides that would help hide where the yarn is cut, but in my opinion I think it would be easier to carry over the yarn without cutting it, so you wouldn’t be spending so much time cutting and weaving in ends.

Here’s a brief description from another blog.

Good luck!

Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pattern that changes color that often. I would leave the yarn attached and carry it up. 4 rows is not so great a distance to carry it. The seems will be a bit bulkier then if you cut and weave the ends, but it will all be hidden in the seam and not show.

You could make a swatch in the stripe pattern to see just how bulky it is. Make it 5-6 inches wide and you can roll it up and seam it.

Thanks a bunch. I’m thinking of just carrying the colors up the sides and then doing a crochet border along the edges that will not become seams to hide the carried yarn.

You only knit one row with each color, so the ends will be on different sides. That may help with the bulkiness of carrying it up.

OK, so here is what I have gotten so far… I’m only 3 inches into it. I’ve been carrying the yarn up the edges and I think it looks pretty good. I think it will be easy to hide with seaming and a crochetes edge :slight_smile:

OK, so on another forum I got some great advice… I usually slip the first stitch of every row because my edges tend to be loose. Well, it turns out that in this case if I were to knit the first stitch of every row then the loops of carried yarn would be even less visible. SO… I’m frogging the whole thing as we speak. Luckily it was just 3 inches. I’ll re-post pics once I get a few inches done to see the difference :slight_smile:

I’m glad you got an answer that works!! looking forward to your picture :slight_smile:


That is a lot of color changes, but it works better with an uneven number of colors than an even one. If you had an even number of colors your colors would always end up at the opposite end from where you need them. There is even a way to deal with that, but it is a little more complex. With the odd # of colors at least your yarn is there to pick up. It will look neater if you always pick up the color you are on from underneath the hanging colors, I think. Good luck with the tangles.

I would carry because I think weaving in all that yarn is awfull. Another good ideah for your next scarf is to use a verigated yarn. good luck !!:wink: