So many spools!

Yeah, I’m working on this insane baby blanket, and I’ve got a ton of spools of yarn, since I am switching colors and anyway, it’s kind of a pain. When I’ve done about 3 or 4 rows, the whole thing is so knotted, it takes me forever to untabgle it all, then continue on. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to manage all these spools? I’ve got about 15 or so different ones :doh: I was thinking maybe putting three or 4 in a little ziplocs, so then at least those would be together, and may not get mixed up with the others, but then I am not sure that it would even work…

When working with lots of strands off the back, I’ve found it works best to just let them hang without bobbins. I let them be about 3-4 feet long, depending on how much of that color I need. They do get somewhat tangled, but every couple of rows I just pull the strands out of the tangle and it really does work much better than having them balled or on bobbins.

Also you might want to pay extra attention to how you turn your work to start the next row. When I’m working with multiple balls of yarn, I always turn my work left to right when turning to the right side, and turn it right to left when turning to the wrong side of the work. If you turn the same way every time it will get even more tangled. Hope that helps.

Oooh, I do always turn it the same way. I’ll try to keep that in mind! And right now I have small balls instead of bobbins, but afte rthese colors are up I will have to try your idea, Ingrid- that sounds like it would work well for me. Thanks!! I’m doing a baby blanket and it’s only about 4 inches long so far- I’m going ot be pulling my hair out on this one, I think!

Something I’ve found helpful, if you have a large stitch holder, that is, is to “skewer” a couple of the balls together on a LARGE stitch holder & allow them to lay in your lap as a grouping and then doing as knitqueen suggests in the turning process.

Have fun! I’m sure it’ll be beautiful, so be sure to post pics, k?