So many projects, so little time!

I’m planning a trip to the LYS this Saturday with the BFF and I have no idea where I even want to start for shopping! I have so many projects and needles I want to get, and I just want it ALL right now! Plus they’re having a 20% off sale off everything in the store. sigh Maybe I’ll make a list of what projects are on the top of the list and then just get stuff for those first and then go back later when I finish those.

So excited! :cheering:

I think you’re doing the right thing; buying what you need vs what you want. You need stuff for your upcoming projects, so get that first. There will be other sales!
Good luck!:slight_smile:

Oh yeah, my queue is so long I have to live to 200 to even come close to finishing! And that’s assuming I don’t add anything. :zombie: :lol:

Yeah my queue is 11 pages long on Ravelry. Oi vey.

What I’m mildly irritated with the fact that a lot of my friends have seen me knitting and ask me to make them something, and I have stupidly agreed. So now I have a bunch of promised projects for my friends, and some have already hinted at when they’ll get their item!! :roflhard: I don’t think they realize how much time goes into knitting these things, esp since I haven’t had the time/money to go get supplies. It’s not like I can knit with pencils and my own hair!!!

I had that happen a lot when I first started knitting. One of my first projects was an intarsia bag that was felted and lined, because my friend saw it and wanted one. I don’t even think she really liked it! At least, I’ve never seen it since I gave it to her.

I’ve since learned to deflect requests for gifts unless the request is from a close friend and is something reasonable. An acquaintance asking for a sweater, er, no! I think some of the best-appreciated gifts I’ve knitted have been surprises, and they have certainly brought me more enjoyment than “obligation knitting.”

My advice is to develop a nice way to decline, unless it’s something you’ll enjoy making and the person will really appreciate.

You said it, sister! And I keep getting more ideas from all of the folks here. I may have to order a new terabyte hard drive just to store all of the patterns, articles, etc. that I’ve spent time collecting and add all the new stuff I see here.