so lost on pattern



im so lost can someone help me im at the part where you see the orange star

trying to finsh and cant because im stuck


What is the name of your pattern?
It may be that the charts accommodate the change in the stitch number on either side of chart A.


mens roll neck sweater by im attaching the chart


Chart A is going to gradually change to accommodate the raglan rib. Mark off the join between Chart A and Chart B or Chart D and Chart A. You can just see in the photo that Chart A is decreasing at the rib. Follow the directions for the raglan rib and then work as much of Chart A as you can, keeping the Chart A pattern aligned as much as possible.


I’ve done the first 6 stitches as the instructions said do I remove those 6 st from chart a then go to b and so forth


K6 then work the P2, K2, P1. Eliminate these last 5sts from the beginning of chart A and then proceed with the rest of A, then B etc. At the end of the row, work until there are 11sts remaining and then follow the stitch pattern given rather than completing chart A.


Ok I can do that here’s my problem the last of the 5 stitches I dont do is part of a cable 4 front what do I do as the first 2 stitches are part of the 5 I dont do that leaves me with the last 2 stitches involved in cable 4 front


If you can’t complete a cable, work the sts in stockinette. They’ll become part of succeeding raglan decreases.


Ok so I’m still not getting it because the top part of the pattern has the (rs) starting with knit and the (ws) starting with purl the bottom is opposite what do I do when the legend for knitting has a blank square on rs is knitt and purl on ws and a dot is purl on rs and knit on ws


I’m not sure where you are but the chart symbols are commonly defined as you’ve given (open squares are k on the RS, p on the WS and squares with a dot are p on the RS, k on the WS). If there are increases or decreases which are shifting the pattern, pay attention to the pattern as established in the previous rows. You don’t want to shift the main pattern stitch since that will be immediately noticeable.


I’m starting on part 2 where the orange star is but since the part 2 starts with rs should I end on ws on part 1


End having completed a WS row.


Okay sorry so when I was starting the row originally it was k8 or p8 then start chart A and so on now its telling me to k6,p2,k2,p1 so does this mean I omit the first 3 st in chart A then continue on


You want to work the 11sts as given in the pattern (k6,p2,k2,p1) and then pick up chart A beginning on the 4th square into the chart. So yes, eliminate 3 sts from the beginning of chart A in order to have the 11sts needed.


This is the first row that I’ve done starting on part 2 but it doesn’t look right its k6,p2,k2,p1,I’ve omitted the first 3 stitches of chart a then went to d4,c4,b4,a4 (did the 1st 7 st of chart a4) then p1,k2,p2,k6 but it doesn’t look right


It’s difficult for me to tell. The thing to look out for is that chart A continues in the established pattern. If you’re at the beginning of a diamond, it should look like the last time you began a diamond in chart A. Also. the purl sts on either side of the diamond should still align with sts in the columns below. It may take another row or two to really tell.


I’ve done a few rows and this doesn’t look right! The second pic is of chart c. I’ve also attached a photo of my work sheet