So Lonely In Greenville, NC...need knitters

are there any knitting clubs/groups in Greenville Nc? i have been here two years now and still haven’t hear wind of any i know there are beading clubs, & weaving clubs, but no knitting clubs that i have hear of. :pout: now i know there are no great yarn stores around here the closest i think in in jacksonville an hour a way but i know there has to be other knitters out there besides me!

Have you gone on Ravelry and searched Greenville, NC? That’s how I found the 1st group I knit with here. Or you could go to and look it up. I hope you find some knitters, soon. It’s fun to knit with friends. You could also teach some friends to knit. I’ve done that too. We meet 2 a month with out kids…Good luck.

Have you asked at Hancock Fabrics or Michael’s if they have knitting nights or classes. You could attend one and meet other local knitters and find other groups near you that way.

Local churches may also have 'knitting for charity" groups where you could make more networking connections

Good luck.[/COLOR]

Just moved to Rocky Mount, NC and I am also disappointed that there are no knitting stores in the area. After googling I came upon a possible shop in Wilson, NC called Knit Wits. I am going to try to call them today. Wilson should be within driving distance for both of us. I will let you know what I find out.

I am rather new to Greenville, too, and interested in a knitting circle, I am curently taking lessons just to get to know some other knitters, I sure don’t need the lessons!
I wish there was somewhere semi-public (maybe library?) we could hold a get-together, contact me, maybe we can meet.


I was wondering if someone would like to start a knitting group? All you need is 2 ppl to start. I live in Greenville, NC. I work at home so i am in need to meet ppl that i can at least knit with. please email me if you are interested. Or post to this thread. This is my first time on here so I am not exactally sure how this works.

Thank you,


I would interesting in any knitting groups around Greenville, NC. Does anyone know of individuals who know how to knit and are willing to get together? :slight_smile: