So, its FOUR in the morning

where I am, and there are more knitters on their computer reading this forum than I’ve ever seen!

Where are you all, and what are you doing up? :knitting:

and why aren’t we all knitting instead? (or are you all knitting, while you’re on here?)

it’s 1:15 am here (US west coast), and i just finished the 9th pattern repeat on a KAL GrumpyGramma and i are both working on. and it’s time to stop knitting for the night. :wink:

sleep well!

I might have a cup of coffee, and go do the stairs.
I’ll probably need a nap later today. I went to bed at 11:30. and was up at 3.

think I’ll knit a bit!

I was :passedout: or maybe I was still reading. I have to to the H word today. I will do some knitting first.

I went back to bed, slept for nearly three hours!
had some pretty wierd dreams, and am now ready to tackle the cleaning of the closets.

(I did some gardening first). I’ve been granted the stewardship of the little “rock” garden in back of my apt. building. I have a budget and everything!
this will be fun, and get me outdoors more.

although its also a good day to take my knitting to the “brow” and relax out there.

I can watch ships come and go in the bay.

Most of the “people” you see listed at any time are spammers and bots. Right now it looks like hundreds of people. Nope. :hair:

knit-bot. maybe we could all use one of those!

sometimes I have dreams of waking up and finding all my wip’s finished, washed, blocked,…

like the shoemaker and his elves.

I wonder if we could knit an elf or two?

maybe as a kal?

knit your own elf. or gnome.

knit your own lawn ornament. I’ld make a lawn jockey.

or maybe a pink flamingo?