So if a knitter were to acquire some crochet hooks

to have on hand for things like picking up dropped stitches, crocheting edges, etc., would it be a good idea to get one hook of each size (knowing the tendencies of knitters to need at least ONE of everything. :wink: ). Would the Boye crochet hook version of the Needlemaster like this pretty much cover it? If I recall it wasn’t nearly as expensive as the Needlemaster set, and Hobby Lobby occasionally has their needlework stuff half off…

or would something like this be adequate?

The number sizes are the teeny tiny ones, right, and the letter sizes are the larger ones? I have a couple crochet hooks on hand already, but I’m thinking it would never hurt to have more. :oops:

I periodically buy a set like the second one you posted. I have to buy them periodically because I lose them all the time. I’ve pretty much learned how to correct mistakes without a hook just because it’s too much trouble to tear the couch apart on the off chance that there’s one there. I honestly don’t know where they disappear to. Someday I’ll find a cache of them and make a fortune on ebay. :roll:

I’ve never really felt the need for the teeny tiny ones. I suppose if you were working with really thin laceweight yarn, they might be useful, but laceweight is usually on larger needles anyway.

I learned how to crochet long before I ever learned to knit. I have a set of crochet hooks that I bought over the years.

Just today I was in a LYS and I saw the bamboo crochet hooks. They look so pretty!! :muah: I decided to buy the size F just to keep near my chair where I knit. That will be THEE “official knitting crochet helper hook”. No more using my metal ones for my knitting projects. Besides…who ever heard of going into a LYS and not buying something!! :teehee:

I have found that the Susan Bates Quicksilver crochet hooks work better for me…the hook is more flat than round like the Boyes. I can’t seem to crochet edges or anything with the rounded ones! LOL, not that I do much crocheting…I just have 3 hooks, small, med., and large…that’s my collection. LOL, I’m in trouble if I start collecting crochet stuff…I’m running out of room :shock:

When you find them, I bet a few dozen of my stitch markers will be with them!

Someone once told me that when you die and go to heaven, you get back all the things you’ve lost. St. Peter’s gonna dump a pile of stitch markers, row counters, single mittens, and buttons on me! :roflhard:

[color=indigo]As a long time crocheter and a relatively new knitter, I’d say one can get by with just one crochet hook. I keep a size E or F with my knitting stuff. I think the smaller the better (within reason). YMMV[/color]