So I sit in front of the computer and

I watch all the shows I’ve missed due to working nights and of course I knit too…I just wish I had a more comfortable chair in here.

Heh, I do that too on the weekends and would like a better chair too. We have another in the room but I can’t see the monitor that well from it. The ones that are available on the 'net I tape.


Nice link! I didn’t know about this! Thanks.

That’s great, thanks for sharing!:thumbsup:

Oh GREAT link thanks!

Thanks for the link! I just watched Big Love from HBO! That was the only show I liked so it is nice to able to watch it now…

Wow! As a bonus to learning to knit here I am getting TV viewing tips. I just knit, ate and watched two episodes of dr who classic. :cheering: Great lunch break. Now back to the unpacking.:ick:

Very cool! :cheering:

Now another reason to stay up late! :shock: