So Happy!

My daughter (6) knitted her very first stitch tonight! She wanted to get her own needles and yarn, so, I got her a pair of size 11’s and a ball of Peaches N Cream yarn. I told her if I bought them for her, she would really have to try to learn, no more getting impatient…I explained to her it took me a while to learn and I had to learn from books and the videos here…She said ok and that she was ready! I decided probably the easiest thing for her to start with would be a garter stitch washcloth. I cast on the stitches for her, had her watch me knit the first row then she was ready to try on her own. She still got a little impatient, but, she did knit a couple stitches and said she wanted to try more tomorrow!



How old is she?

She’s 6…I’ve tried showing her before, but, she got so irritated because she couldn’t “do it right” lol…I’ve told her over and over that’s ok and that’s what learning is all about: practicing something until you have gotten the hang of it. She got so frustrated with it she quit bringing it up and seemed to have completely lost interest. I must admit, I was a bit saddened by it; I think it would be wonderful for her to learn to knit, but, I can’t force her to…That’s why I’m so happy about tonight! She hasn’t brought up wanting to knit in ages and it really surprised me when she said she wanted her own needles and yarn!

6 is awfully young…

Kids have such short attention spans at that age…

Just enjoy each moment of teaching her…she’ll go through phases (or minutes) where she wants to and then when she doesn’t want to. But watching you knit will keep it right in front of her. She’ll know that you are always willing to work with her.

I spend more time pulling my hair out still. It’s hard to learn.


Lovely story

My gd and gs also wanted to learn. I showed both and then just watch for the mistakes and then showed then how I did it. Seven is a good age to learn and since she asked she will learn. She may stop and start but that is the learning curve I think for them. That is what my grandkids did. They are a little older than yours but it is still the same to learn the very first time.
Enjoy learning with her, and don’t worry that she puts it down. My two only knit when I do. It really makes my day. Good luck and happy knitting with your daughter.


Yeah, I realize it’s going to be a continuous process for a while, but, I thought she had just totally given up the last time I tried with her. For being still so little, I swear, she’s a perfectionist! -lol- With her something has to be done right or it’s not getting done at all (hmm, wonder where she gets that from :p), so I thought after the last time she just totally lost the desire to even try to learn. She hasn’t tried again since the night we got the yarn and needles, but, at least I know she is still interested! I guess part of the reason I’m so happy is because I would have loved to have had someone in my family who knits who could have begun teaching me at an early age as opposed to having to figure it out myself through books and videos…lol…

I’m 40 years older than she is and still get impatient :rofl:

Yay!! That is great! It does take patience both on Moms and daughters parts but what a fun thing! Once she gets the feel for it, she’ll probably just whiz along. I taught my daughter when she was young and then re-taught her just this summer (she’s now 18). It is so awesome to sit and knit together… but she thinks I’m nuts because I just constantly look over at her and grin…:slight_smile:

:cheering: That is great!! Another knitter!