So happy w/ harmony sock needles!

Does anyone else have this set? I love sock needles. I love to knit socks. I love sock yarn. Ever since I learned to knit I have always wanted to knit socks. And I do. And I wear them with fancy shoes to show off the socks.
Last week my lYS had a sale on Tofutsies yarn. Gorgeous. Great price $12 a skein. saved yarn knowing harmony needles coming. needles came. Pattern? MONKEY SOCKS!
I feel like a rock star with this yarn, needles, and pattern.
If you love to knit socks, get the harmony sock set, some great sock yarn, a great pattern and GO!

You’re talking about the dpn’s, right? I make my socks on circ’s, and have been wanting to find a ‘set’ of the Harmony, but it doesn’t seem they sell them in sets.

Yea, I am talking about the dpn’s. I haven’t made socks on circs yet, I really like making them on dpns.

I so agree with your assesment. I just love the KP Harmony DP sock set.

I also loooooooooooooooooove my Harmony DPNs (tho I do not have a set - just 2 pair each of the sizes I use)

I have harmony dpn’s and nickle-plated knitpicks long circs for socks, and LOVE them both!

I have the Harmony dpn sock needle set and I absolutely LOVE it!!

Have you used the 0’s, and how do they hold up? How visible are the stitches against the dark wood with the tiny stitches on 0’s and 1’s?

I am using the 1s right now against red yarn and they are fine. I tried the 0s and they seem strong enough but the fabric was too tight so I moved up a size for these socks. I just finished a set of dark blue socks on the 2`s and had no problems. As I said I LOVE this sock needle set!

I just finished a pair of cocoa brown socks on the 0s, and while I was nervous (they bend a bit) all was well - and, ime, there is enough lighter colors that I don’t have too much trouble seeing the stitches, and if I do, can just slightly turn the needle, to get to a lighter stripe, and all is good!

However, I dropped one of the 0s, and dh stepped on it, and it snapped :pout: so I’m very glad they come in a set of 6!

I bought the nickle-plated circs because I was knitting dark brown socks on the harmony dpn’s and was having a hard time seeing the stitches. I was using size 1’s.