So happy! Finally done... IK Rib and Lace Tank

When I got home this summer, I showed my mom the picture from Interweave Knit’s Spring 2007 magazine of the Rib and Lace Tank… She looked at it and told me I was “ambitious” and she essentially doubted I could knit it seeing as how I just started to teach myself knitting in late January of this year. Well, a month later, I got yarn for it, and now, it’s completed! It fits, looks actually mostly decent… and I did it all myself :woohoo: I learned soooo much doing this, and I’m just happy with it…

(Sorry the pictures aren’t better… I propped up the camera so I could see in the mirror what it was taking a picture of…)

I love it and love your color choice. :cheering:

I love it . and it looks great on you :slight_smile:

You did a fabulous job - the fit is exquisite.

you did a great job keep up the good work

That’s beautiful, and it fits you perfectly!

Congratulations, you did a GREAT job!!!

Great job!! What did your mom say when you finished it? I love that you didn’t let that stop you :happydance:

It looks really, really nice!

Thank you everyone for your wonderful replies!

My mom saw it getting done bit by bit, and when it was finally done and it fit, she was kind of shocked I guess… But not completely surprised, she heard all about progress the whole way through, you know, me figuring out what yet another thing means and how to do it…

Very Cute! Good Job:thumbsup:

I think you’re awesome and it looks great!!
[SIZE=1](but I’m not going to “rate” it!!lol):hug:[/SIZE]

WOW!! I love it. You did learn a lot on a project like that. Feels good to prove to Mom you could do it doesn’t it. I love the shaping stuff going on in the bust area, and the lace. This is a great little top. Wear it proudly.

I bet your mother won’t doubt you again! It fits great on you.

That’s beautiful! You did a great job!

Very nice! Good Job:thumbsup:

You should be very proud of yourself!! That’s quite an impressive project to tackle and complete. You did a great job, it looks super on you!! :yay:

That’s just stunning. :flirt:

Wow, I’m amazed with all the responses I’ve gotten! I never thought I would get this many people complimenting my work… So thank you all!

WOW- that is a great top. Super job on the fitting too :cheering: