So Fresh, So clean!

I’m I the only one who puts fabric softener in their stash and while knitting new projects? I lovveee the smell of scented yarn. I hate the smell of new yarn not that it really has a scent but ain’t nothing wrong with flavor :woot: …hehe.

I don’t really put anything in my stash.My stash is a giant trunk/chest so I don’t smell it…or…smell it’s lack of smell XD

My WIPs in the summer tend to all smell like baby powder, though.My hands can get sweaty when I knit so I’m constantly putting baby powder on them to keep them dry.Smells really good :slight_smile:

I don’t use the dryer sheets…but I do have a friend that will do that with anything even if she sends you a box of goodies it will have a dryer sheet so the box smells fresh :happydance:

Epiphany. OMG. I’m so retarded. I never even thought of using baby powder to stop the sweaty plams I get when knitting. Thats one of my biggest problems. My hands get sweaty and start grabbing at the yarn and my tension gets tighter.

Guess who’s going to the store to get some baby powder.

Wow, it never occurred to me to do that with dryer sheets, but what a great idea!! Thanks!!

S’funny. They’ve done some kind of study that people will perceive that something is clean even though it isn’t, so long as it smells what they perceive as clean. I was going to buy some of those laundry ball thingies that cleans with no soap, and was doing research on them and found out that a lot of people don’t like them…not because they don’t clean things (they actually do, i was quite surprised to find), but the balls don’t put perfumes into the clothes to make them “smell clean,” so people didn’t feel like their clothes were clean!

Goes without saying not to get foot powder talcum.

I can just imagine someone opening their gift

“Does something smell…medicated to you?” XD

haha! thats so true…I would rather have scented clothes…

lmao…I dont know if 'll go as far as your friend…I can just imagine opening a gift from her and finding one of the sheets in there…lol

Scent is a BIG topic with me. My mother tells me that I always put everything to my nose even as a baby…not to my mouth. It drove her mad that I smelled EVERYTHING!

Today, I make many varieties of scented soap. I also read everything I can get my hands on about scent. I am currently reading Luca Turin. He’s on TED talks.

I mix my own scent blends using essential oils mostly, although I do like some of the pre-mixed synthetic scents. Gotta be careful of toxins though with those synthetics, and not to go crazy mixing them together…

I wash my yarn before i stash it, keeping it in a ball, squishing in a towel and drying whole (takes days to dry). If something doesn’t smell great, I add an unscented dryer sheet to the box, dipped in my favorite essential oil or blend.

I’ve come to prefer no scents over perfumes of any sort, either worn as a scent or in my clothes, etc. Not quite all of my partners have either been allergic or highly sensitive to scented products, and over the years I’ve just gotten used to it – it’s useful, in a way, as it means I never have to worry about overpowering anyone with scent in elevators or an office or whatever, i guess. Basically if it doesn’t come scented naturally, I pretty much leave it: cedar balls instead of mothballs (I used to use lavender sachets, but my partner’s allergic), and such – though I do like lemon scented dish soap. :slight_smile: It’s not like it’s a campaign or anything, or that I go out of my way, it’s just sort of worked out like this.

i don’t… i’m allergic to perfumes and strongly scented things send my allergies into overdrive.

the only scent i love is anything citrus… i know, sounds crazy but i do!