So excited!

I just ordered the Dreamz Interchangeable set from here. I’m so excited to be getting these needles. This’ll be my first new set in 5 years. Plus I’m excited to be supporting the KH folks!! Without this site, I wouldn’t have learned all of the stuff that I have, I would still just be doing the knit stitch!!! Anyway, just wanted to share. :slight_smile:


I asked my DHs opinion of my new Dreamz set (he being a total non knitter.) He said he thinks it’s nice. :slight_smile:

Congratulations! :yay:

I want to order some needles here too, but I’d like to know what kind of warranty do they have and if they do, for how long.

I did see they have a 30-day $$ back guarantee, but if a needle or cord breaks, then what?

I love my Dreamz interchangeables :inlove: :heart:

My needles shipped out today. I’ve been tracking my order, and will be until they get here lol. It says that the estimated arrival is Thursday. Thursday isn’t going to get here fast enough lol.

I’m debating between Novas and Dreamz?

I want pointy needles, but not super sharp like I know Nova’s are.


How are Dreamz compared to Nova’s in sharpness?

I hate waiting like that. You’ll get through…breathe! :thumbsup:

I have my Knit Picks Sunstrucks which I think are comparable to the Dreamz and I have the Novas. Sharpness is about the same I think, the Sunstrucks are a little less slippery. Sometimes I wish both sets were a little sharper, but I like sharp pointy toys.

Lol patience is definitely one of my virtues. I’ve been saving up for these needles for a while. I had almost had enough saved when I realized that mother’s day was coming up and bought some things for Mom instead. So yeah lol. I guess I can wait a couple more days. I’ll just go drool over the pics in the shop until they get here. :drool:

You’re a good daughter! who deserves to be rewarded with the new needles. They’re worth the wait IMO. I really think you’ll :heart: them. I :heart: mine. Now I have to go use them. :teehee: I understand about the saving up…I had to, too. I think I appreciate them more for the saving and the waiting. I’ll celebrate with you when they arrive.

Yeah I definitely think that having to save for them is definitely going to make me appreciate them that much more. I think I’m finally going to use this moochi plus yarn that I’ve been waiting to use with my new needles. :slight_smile: Now I just have to decide what project I’m going to use it on. :teehee:

Now I just have to decide what project I’m going to use it on.

Good luck! I have some cashmerino I can’t decide how to use. :hair:

I got my needles today!! They’re gorgeous and truly a dream to knit with. :slight_smile: