So Excited that I think I will burst

I can hardly wait… my first month of yarn of the month came yesterday… dh got the mail this morning on his way to work.

I am sooooo excited. I can’t wait to see it and touch it and most of all knit it! :knitting:

How am I ever going to make it though the day waiting for this? He works too far for me to pack the kids up and go get it, but I soooo wish I could?

What am I going to do?

You poor dear! Your dh should have kept this info to himself, brought burgers home for dinner, and handed you the package when he came home so you could dash off to explore the instant he arrived!!


Oh, how exciting (I have a knit-picks that arrived in Houston late yesterday(love that tracking), and I hope will be on my kitchen table when I get home!)…

I am curious though – Which Yarn-of-the-Month did you go with… I have REALLY been thinking about signing up for one, as a learning tool… But haven’t really found much info from people that have done them, well, except for the sock ones, but I want a variety of yarns… not sure what kind you did?? – thanks!


Dawn, turn all the clocks in the house around so you won’t look at them every ten seconds, then do some deep breathing and yoga to calm your mind. Personally, I’d be dithering around all day in anticipation! And, what the heck, pack up the kids and go pick it up.

Yarn of the month??!! Why did kno one tell me there was such a thing as yarn of the month??!! :woohoo:

I think if I was in a yarn of the month club, I would have a hard time leaving the house to work…I mean, what if the mail comes while I am gone and that beautiful yarn languishes cold and alone in the mailbox or on the front steps??? :rofl: Sad, aren’t I???


Hey there MamaDawn, I’m in VA too! :muah:

Oh to be home and your poor yarn so far away :cry: Well do some housework, ya right:ick:. Then take a nice walk with the kids of course if they are young enough. Then after all that fails call DH and say get your butt home I need my yarn:tap: It might work.

LOL! As soon as I read the first post, I was going to reply with this very phrase!

You guy… :roflhard:

Here is the site for them…

You get 4 small amounts of yarn each month to knit up and see what it looks and feels like. I’m realizing how different yarn feels after it’s knit… I’m looking forward to washing them and see how that changes the feel.

This is my first month but I am really enjoying it.

And dh had a great idea, I can get one of those baseball card binders that you can add pages to and put each yarn in there. Then I can separate it into section, by fiber content or gauge (not sure which I will do yet).

YAY!!! Love getting yarn cloud9

That sounds so great, yarn coming every month, but the price is a shocker. I guess I’m too cheap.
What a great way to experience a wide variety of yarns though.

lol! yes that would have been good.