So embarrassing...35 extra stitches

Hi everyone,

I am knitting a project bag (this is my first project). Everything was going fine as I knit the bottom of the bag. But then I started knitting in the round…well, 80 rows later, I suddenly thought that maybe I should count my stitches…I have 35 more than I should have!! Do I have to unravel everything? What if I just did k2tog in a bunch of different places? Would that wreck the bag? (Probably…)

Well, if nothing else, at least I’ve learned a good lesson here…


Are you going to felt it? If so, it probably won’t show, especially if you dec some on several rows so it’s gradual. It will be narrower at the top though, like this /___\ Maybe you can just leave it and have an extra roomy bag?

I am going to felt it, yes…but it does seem to have made the bag very big…I’m sort of hoping that the felting process will shrink the bag somewhat…



It does, about 10-20%.

It depends on the yarn, I’ve had things felt as much as 50%. Some yarns like Cascade felt slower but others felt much more and faster.

I’ve never felted, but was going by what I’ve read about other’s experiences. I was going to write 25%, but wasn’t sure that was correct. At least 25% then…

If you leave it like it is, that could be perfectly fine - if your increases are somewhat evenly spaced around, it should look sort of like this: _/.

Once I crocheted a bag in the round. As I got to the end of each row/round, I was unknowingly putting in an extra double crochet. By the end of the bag, it had this sort of shape: |_/. took me a while to figure out how I’d done it. I’d made it out of plastic grocery store bag strips. I decided to leave it as it was - now I use it as a beach bag/going to the pool bag. The odd shape is very functional and people rave about it all the time. Cracks me up as I know what a big mistake the whole thing is!

You can crochet with plastic grocery bag strips? Cool!

I’m relieved to know the bag will shrink, no matter what the percentage is…thanks everyone!


The bag will shrink when you felt it, but it will still hold the shape. If it looks like this before you felt _/ then it will look like that after you felt as well. Also, some yarns will shrink more vertically than they do horizontally and vice versa, so your bag could end up a lot wider proportionally after you felt or taller.

You can knit with grocery bags too. I have a whole stock pile waiting to be knit into tote bags. This is a dress made from bags, and THIS is a bag knit from them. You just cut up the bag into strips, pick a pattern and go.