So Disappointed

The Cowboys lost the game today. We had such a good season, and I really had high hopes of seeing them in the superbowl, but it’s over. :frowning:

Well, anyway, congratulations to all you NY Giants fans. They played thier hearts out.

Football has certainly been interesting this season – both college and pro. Colts lost today. Who woulda thunk it, eh?

Yes. Indianapolis’ loss came as a surprise to me. Probably more so than the Cowboys’.

It was a day of major upsets. I thought dh would cry last night when our cowboys lost. Was Jessica Simpson there again?!:wink:

If she was, she was hiding, because the camera man didn’t find her.:roflhard:

GO PACKERS!!! :woot: :woot: :woot: BEAT THOSE GIANTS!!!

[SIZE=1]all in good fun, all in good fun. :thumbsup: [/SIZE]

It’s kinda funny, for me, when I was watching the Giants and Cowboys I was hoping the Cowboys would lose since I’m a Packer fan, but when he threw the last play and it was intercepted I felt so badly for them. :teehee: I’m weird that way. I just want everyone to win.

Ah there I go, off to the land of make believe. :teehee:

Oh, I would love to see Brett win…he’s been playing the game so long!!! What an amazing player!

I guess since my Cowboys are out, I can root for the Packers. Brett just seems like such a nice guy, that one can’t help but wish him well.