So disappointed with knitpicks needles

I ordered a set of the zephyrs and was loving them until i grabbed my size 8 a little hard and snapped in half. Then I slipped and leaned on a size five and you guessed it, it snapped in half. Then just now, I was trying to take some work off of a size 7 and it first pulled itself right off of the connection, then the spot where the connection goes in, broke right off so no more knitting for me for a while. I should have just bought the nickle plated ones and been done. I can’t afford to keep replacing needles all the time!

Really?! I’ve NEVER heard of that happening! Give them a call and let them know. They will replace anything defective that broke.

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So sorry to hear about your difficulties with your needles. I know what a horror that can be!

BUT, the good news is that Knitpicks probably has the absolute BEST customer service I’ve ever seen. I just called them about a situation with a product and they cheerfully arranged to get me a replacement right out and at no charge.

Not everything works perfectly all the time, but if the company you’re dealing with is so willing to take responsibility and replace what’s gone wrong then that’s a huge bonus.

By the way - the nickel plated options are AWESOME! I don’t even knit with anything else nowadays!

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yeah well the first two were on me since it was my big old hands that did it, but I was soooooooo bummed out that the 7’s came unseated from their connection…

That does happen occasionally, but not as much as you’d think from reading posts. People who don’t have problems don’t post about it so you only hear the bad things.

I personally found that when I was yanking hard on the needles it did pull out of the connection. Now I hold on to the cable itself and always pull gently. They weren’t made for rough use, they were made for knitting. :wink:

At this point, I am wondering if it has anything to do with the shipping conditions.It could have possibly been heating and cooling that damaged or weakened the plastic D:

Are you implying I may not know my own strength???:mrgreen: That is exactly what I was doing. I was pulling on the wrong part, but I really didn’t think that I was pulling that hard! You would think I don’t have other needles and other things I could knit! I am such a drama queen!:aww:

:roflhard: I think none of us know our own strength!

Always slide the stitches carefully off the needles and when sliding the stitches around to knit. :wink:

Sorry to hear about that! I ordered the nickel set when they first came out and EVERY one of my cables did that. I was so disgusted I put them away for almost a year. Finally I dug them out, called Knit Picks and they sent me all new cables. I knew from various forums they’d had that particular issue initially, which is why I didn’t bother to get new ones right away.
Anyway, they are a gem to work with and will get you straightened right out. I would talk to them about the ones that broke to see if others are having this happen. They might just send you replacements.

I had a set of sz 2 classics come apart (cable came off) last weekend. I had that set for well over a year, but I sent an email to complain just the same (it’s so frustrating to lose all that knitting!). On Monday morning I had a very nice reply and they are replacing them! I will continue to use KnitPick needles just because of their customer service. It is the best!

Knit Picks customer service rocks!!!

:heart: Knit Picks !

Me too!!! :muah:

I have the Options set and have had a few problems with it… The cables do tend to come apart. I am a tight knitter, but I’m careful with the cables. Even moreso now that I have had SEVERAL come apart. I did contact Knitpicks and they sent replacements, but now some of the replacements have failed… I have glued quite a few of them… I almost feel guilty asking them to replace more of the cables… The set I have is about 2 yrs old now. Under gentle use (and I am soooo gentle now that I’ve pulled the cables out while knitting a few times), how long SHOULD the cables last?

I also have one set of tips where one of the needles ALWAYS unscrews itself as I am knitting, even when I repeatedly tighten it with the key or a jar gripper. I need to get a new set of tips and throw those away.

I actually pulled apart another cable last night (on a lace project with no lifeline, ARGH!). I was being very gentle with it. I don’t have a lot of experience with other needles, but I think the Knitpicks cables leave something to be desired.

I’d really like to try out the Addi Turbo set if I hadn’t already bought the Options. Maybe they don’t have the same problems with the cables, and it would be nice to not need a tool for the tips…

KP service rocks :smiley: This thread reminded me I needed to call them about a ball winder than had the handle snap while winding a few days ago. I called at first just to see if they had replacement parts, and she said they’d just send me out a whole new winder at no charge :open_mouth:

I definitely <3 KnitPicks.

I bought 3 Zephyr tips when they were first launched, to give them a spin around the block. One size 6 and one size 7 tip pulled out of the socket. I called KP and I had entire new sets in my hands within the week. The new ones are fine and dandy.

I think anything newly launched has some glitches to iron out, for example, the type of glue. Even Crystal Palace bamboo circs had issues with the glue that holds the wood needle inside the socket.
But they got it resolved quickly, and all is well.

Give KP another chance to make it right for you! The Zephyr’s really do perform so nicely, and the price is really incredible! Don’t be discouraged! Your replacements will prolly never have a problem…but even if so…don’t give up. KP will make it right by you!

Big hugs from us all! :grphug: We’ve all been there!

They did make it right forme. I took the advice from this board and contacted them and within 24 hours without any questions asked, my replacements were on the way! Thanks KP!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE my options set!!! I was kinda nervous at first to order them, but the idea of being able to add more tips/cables and different types of tips (zephyr and harmony) really made me decide that it was a good investment. I haven’t had mine very long, but after a couple weeks of use I decided I wanted all the cable lengths available and a couple of the larger tip sizes. Plus the stand is just so soooo nice… it keeps my slightly obsessive organization habit in check ;o)

Needles break?!