So Cute - Yarn Dots

So have y’all seen these? They are just adorable. Does anyone or has anyone used these before? Thanks in advance!

I like the “Shup Up I’m Counting” one!

Some just ripping off the Crocs thing (and openly admitting it)

Ok, so I wasn’t being original in my idea! haha…I took some of the
crocs shoe buttons and put them on one of my dd’s hats for some
easy to add embellishments. :slight_smile:


i love them, i must have them :drool:

Sorry…:aww: In the end, that is how the little crocs things got started…

I would have to say not my thing…

:aww: :aww: :aww:

Other than on a hat I can’t see much use for them, but they are cute.