So confused with the english language in this pattern!

Hello fellow knitters…so pleased to find this forum so I can continue to grow and learn. For now, I have a question that is bothering me about a pattern that I don’t seem intelligent enough to comprehend.
I’m making my first Cardigan sweater after oodles of afghans. I did the back first and had no problem shaping the armholes and shoulders as directed. My problem is the next step…the right front (and probably the left as well eventually). The instructions read as follows:
Work as for back, including all shaping and at the same time when piece measures 19".

I started the armhole shaping for the back at 14.75 inches as directed. Am I to start the shaping for the front at 19"? It doesn’t seem to make sense.
Also…“at the same time”. What does that mean exactly? Do the decrease for the armhole and shoulder together? Add the decrease numbers? I honestly don’t know what I’m supposed to do.
Help?! Forever grateful!!

No do the front armhole shaping at the same measurement you did for the back. When your piece measures 19" though, you probably will start shaping for the front and neck edge. At the same time is used when you might have different dec or inc instructions at the beginning and end of the row which you probably will here. The armhole and shoulder edge will be one edge, the neck/front edge is the other one.

So for this, start your armhole shaping, and continue doing that the same as for the back, and when you get to 19" do the front shaping while you doing the same shaping for the armhole and shoulder. This happens ‘at the same time’…

Oh…bless you! I’m very grateful!!:thumbsup: