So confused over button holes!

I’m knitting my daughter a crofter dk 2276 sirdar cardigan. I’m at the last bit where the button holes are needed. Just cant get my head around the instructions.

Start with 87 sts along neckband.

1st row is p3, *k3, p3 , rep from * to end.
2nd row is *k3, p3, rep from * to last 3 sts, k3.
1st and 2nd rows set rib.
Next row rib. (HERE I REPEAT ROW 1).

Next row Rib 51, cast off 1st, (rib 14, cast off 1 st) 2 times, rib2.

ON THIS ROW I END UP WITH 6 STS AT THE END RATHER THAN 2! I’ve actually never done button holes where only 1 st is cast off for a button hole so om very confused.

Can anyone help please.

It’s probably [I]where[/I] you’re doing the bind off for the buttonhole. On this row rib 51, rib 2 more sts and pass 2nd st over first and off the right needle, (rib 14, rib 2 more and bind off one) x2, rib 2. That stitch count works out.

Thanks, I’ll give that a go.

Would I do the same for the next row where I have to cast on a st. So would I use the cast on method where I cast on between two sts then rib those 3 and continue with pattern.

When you come to the gap created by the bind off, either use the thumb loop method or a knit or cable cast on.
With the knit or cable cast on, you’ll switch the needles in your hands so that you can cast onto the left hand needle, then switch the needles back.

Thank you, it worked. Not the neatest button holes but I’m wondering if that’s the pattern or wool etc as I’ve had better success in the past.

Oh, good. The buttonholes may even out with washing or with blocking.