So confused on lace pattern

Hoping for any help. The pattern starts with 8 stitches. The first round is *yo, k1 around. It says you should end with 16 stitches, but you would only get 12 stitches with these instructions. You knit the next round. The third round is *yo, k3, y0, k1 around. If you had 16 stitches this would not work? I did see the pattern on ravelry and did not see anyone else mentioning having problems with the pattern, Sunflower Medallion Beret from Vogue Knitting. I am not a novice and just can’t figure out what I am missing?:pout:

Welcome to Knitting Help. To go from 8 stitches to 16, you have to have 2 sts for every one of the 8. You will yo, k1 in each stitch. Notice the where the * is. It means to repeat the yo, k1 all the way around. It’ the same as if it said, repeat from *.

Welcome to Knitting Help!
A yo doesn’t use a stitch, it occurs between sts. If you have 8sts and in round 2 you yo, knit a stitch and then yo, knit a stitch, etc, you’ll end up with 16sts. Take a look at the video for yo on the Glossary tab at the top of this page to see how to