So confused, need pattern help please!

Hi there knitting Angels,
I’m knitting an open vest/cardigan. I am working on the back piece and am at the point of shaping shoulders and back neck. I had a go but it didn’t work so am hoping someone will know what to do.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Pattern instructions.
Cast off 13 sts at beg of next 2 rows. 84 sts.
Next Row (RS) cast off 13 sts, k until there are 17 sts on right needle and turn, leaving rem sts on a holder.
Work each side of the neck separately.
Cast off 3 sts at beg of next row.
Cast off rem 14 sts.
With RS facing, rejoin yarn to rem sts, cast off centre 24 sts, k to end.
Complete to match first side, reversing shaping.

Here’s a link to the pattern website.

You are going to be shaping the shoulders separately.
Cast off 13sts at beginning of the next two rows as stated.
On the right side row, cast off 13sts, work in whatever pattern stitch you’re doing until you have 17sts on the right needle, turn as you would at the end of a row and bind off 3sts (this is at the neck edge). Work across the row and turn, bind off 14 remaining sts, cut the yarn leaving about a 6 inch tail and pull the yarn through to fasten off.
Attach a yarn end to the held sts and bind off 24sts, then work to the end of the row. Turn, bind off 13sts and work to the end of row (neck edge). Turn and bind off 3sts (neck edge), work to the end of row, turn and bind off remaining 14sts.
Sometimes I draw a diagram with stitch numbers to bind off and check them off as I knit to make sure I’ve completed all the shaping at the correct edge.

Hoya saxa?

Thanks so much, im looking forward to my knitting making sense to me.

Hoya saxa? No it’s the common name of an interesting plant, it is dark and waxy in star shape and its perfume smells like peanut butter !
Before you asked I wasn’t aware it was a crowd call. You learn something new everyday :slight_smile:

Well, thank you. I’ve learned something new too!

Thankyou so much your instructions worked like magic !