So confused And a beginner

I’ve been working on this pattern on and off for about 2 months. I binded it off yesterday because it didn’t seem like it was ever going to turn into a hat and i was very frustrated. First off I’m left handed so I hold my knitting needle in my right hand and my free needle in my left. I was told I should read patterns from Right to left instead of right to left. Besides that, I’m just confused when it comes to brackets.

Row 4: K1 [P4(5,6,7), K2] 8 times. I’m following that baby size. When it says 8 times, do I do the pattern 8 times in one row or 8 rows of the same pattern???

It is 8 times in one row. When you do that they are called repeats of the pattern stitch. You only repeat the items inside the bracket the number of times it states.Any time you have a group of stitches inside brackets, asterisks, or parentheses like this k2tog, yo 4 times it means to k2tog, yo , k2tog yo,
k2tog yo, k2tog yo. If it looks like { } it means the same . What ever the repeat is bracketed with, it means to repeat those instructions the number of times it states to do them.
Hope this helps you.

Thank you!

Here are some helpful tips for knitting left handed; also an alternative, continental knitting where the yarn is held in the left hand. It might be worth a try if you haven’t considered it before.

Based off this pattern will this hat be knitted flat and sewn up at the end or circular? How can I tell?

Here’s the pattern

This is a multisized baby pattern. When you have the numbers in parentheses ( ) it is for the various sizes. For instance the P4 (5,7) might be for a newborn, 3 month, or 6 month size. You would purl 4 for the newborn size, p5 for the 3 month size, and p7 for the 6 month size. Print out the pattern. Go through the whole thing and circle the numbers for the size you are knitting. This will avoid confusion.

Just a few things in a hat pattern will tell you if it’s knitted in the round or not:

Needles: if you need circulars to knit in the round the pattern usually tells you in the needle section.
Finishing: If it tells you to seam, as this one does, it’s knitted flat. The only way to get a flat piece of knitting into a tube shape is to sew the side seams.

Cute pattern! Think I’ll make one for each of my grandkids for next year… :slight_smile:

I teach a few left-handed knitters. You can knit every pattern exactly as it is written. No need to change any of the directions. Your finished items will be a mirror image of everything a right handed knitter makes.

The only time you will need to change a pattern will be if there are WORDS on your finished item. If you follow charts with words like “love” your words will come out mirror-imaged.

One other thing - If you decide to knit anything with buttonholes, decide ahead of time which side you want to place the buttonholes.