So close, I can taste it

:cheering:Ravelry: 39 people in front of me.

I am starting to taste it too!

121 people are ahead of you in line.


:woohoo:Wow you should get in any day now! Actually you will probably get in today!


still got 5598 people ahead of me :cry:

Can you please explain to me what the yahoo is all about?:woohoo: A friend got me to put my name on the list and I still don’t know why I did.

Wow good for you!

10,667 for me :pout:

I feel like a moron because I have no idea what y’all are talking about.

I know Ravelry is a website…but why do you have to wait?


3006 still ahead of me but I have come a long way.

mseobel - not that I know first hand cause I still have 3508 in front of me :pout:, (but that’s down from like some huge number!:cheering:) - but from what I can gather, its knitting community with great access to patterns and what others have done with them. That’s my interest in it at least - I’m sure there is lots more to it. I’ll leave that to those who actually know though!:wink:

And there is a line because of the way they set up the website, it is still new and small, and can only handle so many people at a time.

Not much help, but it’s a start.

[COLOR=black]12796 ahead of me[/COLOR]
I will NEVER get there


Great for you I have 11420 in front of me.:flirt:

I’ve got 3011 people infront of me, and I think they have been inviting about 1000 people a day. I have been waiting for months. My only problem is I have a bunch of yarn that I lost the lables. … bad knitter… bad knitter

Oooh, you’ve probably already gotten your invite since you posted, you’re so close! I’m jealous :mrgreen:

I’ve got 10433 more yarn whores before me, heh. Are they really inviting about 1000 people a day now? I might make it on before Christmas after all!! :cheering:

You just need to get real busy and knit it all up so you don’t have to stress about not recording it in your stash. :slight_smile:

I’ve got about 10,000 people ahead of me.

Ya, know, when all these people get invited, that’s going to be about the population of the town I live in.

Yea, I’m in! I have a feeling I’ve just hit the iceberg and will delve a little deeper today…providing my kids take extra long naps…

I signed up July 18 and the invite list seemed to just crawl, but they have since increased the rate of invites so it moved quite a bit quicker for me the last few weeks. Good luck all, look me up when you get there. My username is sandclove.