So called scarf

Without having to dig through old posts…

Making My So Called Scarf with the variation for Row 1 that Ingrid posted awhile ago (k1, sl one, knit one, yarn over, pass the slipped stitch over both the knit and yo K1)

  1. Do I slip knitwise or purlwise?

  2. Are the K1 at each end part of the pattern or are they selvedges? Row 2 starts with P2tog so I am guessing they are not selvedges, but thought I’d ask before I get to far.


When a slip st is part of a decrease like ssk or sl 1, k1, psso (or if the pattern says) always slip knitwise.

The k1 at the edges can be called selvedge sts, that just means `edge st’, but knit them as called for in the pattern rather than slipping or anything. They’re knit to make the stitch pattern come out right.

Thanks. I think I am doing the YO wrong. I do know how to do a YO in general. Usually I just bring the yarn to the front, but in this case, do I need to do another wrap around the needle before doing the PSSO? (I knit english.)

No, just bring the yarn to the front, then to the back and pass the st over. Passing the stitch over it and the k1 will anchor it in place.