So Called Scarf

For those who have made this scarf, is it reversible? Is it flexible?


It doesn’t look the same on both sides. I haven’t made it but I recently saw a picture of it and the stitch pattern looks different ont he other side.

Not sure about flexible… it looks fairly thick from the pics I’ve seen. Hopefully someone who has made it will respond. :slight_smile:

flexible…yes. reversible…no. Looks a little like garter stitch on the wrong side. Still very pretty.

I’m almost finished with a subtilely shaded malabrigo. I love the pattern, but wish I had made it 1/3 thinner. I may add a second skein to see if the additional length balances what I feel is a too wide scarf. It is very thick.

Thanks for the advice so far.

In row 1 when I slip the stitchdo I…

  1. slip purlwise with yarn in front

  2. slip purwise with yarn in back

  3. slip knitwise with yarn in back