So called scarf questions

I tried the stitch pattern for the so called scarf last night and no surprise, but it just did not look right. I am not exacty sure what I am doing wrong, but it might be in the step of knitting into the back of the stitch. I have watched the video on increases that use knitting into t he back of the stitch and that makes sense to me. But, when I psso and then knit into the back I am confused. Can someone explain in detail?

•psso-pass slipped stitch over
•P2tog-purl 2 together


•CO 30 stitches

•Row 1: K1, sl 1, K1, psso but before dropping the slipped stitch from the left needle, knit into the back of it repeat until there is one stitch left, K1

•Row 2: P2tog, do not slip stitches off the needle, purl the first stitch again, slip both stitches off needle

•Repeat rows 1 and 2 until you run out of yarn.

there’s a thread in the whatcha knitting forum from march (with pictures).

I slipped the stitch purlwise with yarn in back, but a friend slipped hers knitwise. pattern is basically the same, but the slipped stitch is more vertical on hers I think.

This is what I did for knitting in the back and it seems to have worked - when you’re holding the passed stitch on the left needle, insert the right needle in through the top towards the back, not from the front underneath as in a regular knit stitch.

Hopefully someone will correct me if this is not correct, but my scarf seems to look like the pattern.

Also, there exists an alternate way to do it posted on this person’s blog:

Here’s my old thread.

I posted pictures detailing the 2nd row.

Hope it helps. :thumbsup: