So Bummed out!

I am so bummed out!!! I worked so hard on this hat:

for my DD. I agonized over the color choice, had to frog it 4 times in the beginning and now it’s finally finished. Not only did I run out of yarn (I only had enough yarn left for a short i-cord. I can tie a knot but not a bow. Not a big deal) BUT IT DOESN’T FIT HER GIANT NOGGIN!!! UGH!!! It fits around but it’s not long enough, it looks like a beanie. Do you guys think I can pick up stitches around the bottom? I’m gonna have to frog it and order a contrasting color to make a stripe, aren’t I.

Whadddya think??? Can I fix it? Does cotton block longer???

I need a creative solution!



Cotton stretches out, but I don’t know how much. Get it wet and hang up to dry to see what happens. If it doesn’t stretch enough, you can pick up stitches and make it longer.

I would try to wet it & stretch like Sue said- I would also just make a contrasting i-cord (looks like it’s just woven through eyelets, am I right) or use ribbon to get a bow.

LOL my son has a huge head- I always think of “So I Married An Axe-Murderer” with the big-headed little brother.

OK, I’ll give it a try and see what happens. I hate to order another skein of Mission falls and pay the shipping but I suppose I’ll have to if the blocking doesn’t work out. I may make another with sugar and creme and work the size out. I hate to get beaten by a pattern!!!

Here’s how it looks now…

So maybe I can block it…I’ll let you know how it works out! I seem to be the only one on Ravelry with this trouble, most people made the hat for newborns…

My concern about adding stitches at the bottom is that it may throw off the balance of where the I-cord goes through the hat. It’ll look more like it’s in the middle instead of closer to the rim of the hat.

I know it sucks, but I would go straight for the extra ball of yarn. It does involve more shopping for yarn though, so I would recommend picking up a ball of sympathy yarn while you’re there to make yourself feel better :wink:

My vote would be to start over. If it makes you feel any better the hat is really cute on your girl and looks like it would be worth the trouble to get the right size. :hug:

Awww, sympathy yarn. Great idea, kinda like the sympathy clothes I bought after my illness:teehee: .

You’re right about adding at the bottom, I never thought about that. I think I’m going to start over and keep this hat for the next friend to have a baby. It’s bound to happen sooner or later. I think I will choose a different pattern all together.

I do feel bad though, more yarn might really help my knitting self-esteem…There is an e-bay shop listed in “off topic” that is selling cashmere yarn that looks nice. Kinda pricy but I’m feeling really, really sad. :teehee:

If you got more of the same yarn, could you just frog down to the decreases, and then knit it longer before doing the decreases?

I’d say decide if you really want it for your dd, or whether it would be better to save if for a friend’s smaller baby, as you mentioned. If you want it, just frog and make longer…if not, you can be creative with something else for your dd!

It’s a really cute hat!