So Basic!

So far I have only thought about knitting. That makes me less than a beginner. Truth be told, I haven’t a talented bone in my body, I can just barely sew on a button. That said, I recently purchased a french knitter with the idea of making little cozies [sp?] for chalk, regular school blackboard chalk and sidewalk chalk, as part of a birthday gift for my niece. I haven’t started the project because I got hung up on how to finish the ends so they don’t unravel and they remain open tubes to slide on the chalk. I found all sorts of directions for finishing/binding off but nothing that specifically addressed my open tube issue. Any advice for how to accomplish this great feat will be greatly appreciated. My apologies for making this post so long!

Thread the yarn end in to a needle, , run the needle through the stitches at the bottom and pull the thread tight to close the end. On the open end, you will bind off the stitches by knitting one and knit another. Pick up the first knitted stitch and bring it over the top of the next stitch and off the peg. Repeat with remaining stitches. You ar making a tube and you can not leave active loops und bound off or the tube will unravel.