Snug beanie hat in acrylic?

While shopping today, I noticed some beanie hats on sale and noticed that they were made from acrylic. Normally, I make a hat like this from Knitpicks Swish worsted to get the nice stretchy cling of wool, but with all the recent threads about Caron Simply Soft and seeing these commercial beanies in acrylic, I’m wondering if you think that CSS would create a snug-fitting beanie hat.

To clarify, here’s a link to a beanie that is similar to the hat I usually knit:

Thank you!

I haven’t done a hat with CSS, but I did my daughter’s ballet slippers with it. From that experience, yes, I think you could get a snug-fitting hat from CSS. The slippers I did are very stretchy.

I think it would work just fine. I’ve made a few hats with Caron SS, and they’ve always turned out really nice.

I make all my hats from acrylic. CSS works just fine.