Snowman Family

I am trying to finish up a snowman family that was started, and nearly completed, by my husband’s late aunt, she used to make them and give them to newly married couples in the family. It has been given to me to finish up, and I would love to continue the tradition. I have most of the pieces for 2 families and am hoping that someone can guide me to a pattern or tutorial somewhere. I have attempted to attach a photo.

Oh, yeah, I am a very new knitter, I can pretty much do anything straight and flat at this point, and will need to make another hat for the second family, so simple instructions will be best :wink:

The system doesn’t allow you to post a photo for the first post. If you try again, we’ll see if we can help. Welcome to KH!

Ah, thanks!

Okay that try didn’t work. What am I doing wrong?
I uploaded it to flickr, hopefully you can see this.

Aww those are adorable! They appear to be knit flat and seamed. Which part are you stuck at? If you have a pic now of what you have already it may help.

There is a link in my signature about how to post photos and proper sizes.

Cute snowpersons!

Yes, they are knit flat and then sewn together around styrofoam balls. That part I can handle, I’m a rather accomplished sewer and crocheter, so that’s the easy part :wink: I’m missing a scarf for each family and one hat for the second family. The hats are also knit in a flat fashion, they curve a bit, but then sewn together in the back, I thought they would be knit in the round.

How do I know what size needles to use to make the missing scarves, and how many stitches to cast on to get them the right length? And I have no idea where to start with the missing hat. I will take a photo of all of the parts this afternoon during naptime.

Your needle size will depend on what yarn you’re using. Usually the best thing to do to start is to read the label on the yarn. You may need to go up or down a size depending on your knitting tension. They are snowmen though so they aren’t so picky. :teehee:

A little scarf is nothing more than a small, narrow rectangle that you can add fringe to. How many you cast on depends on the size of the snowman. You may have to experiment.

The hat can be made flat and sewn as well. Cast on enough to fit around the head then start knitting…a few rows of ribbing if you wish then you can start decreasing. Or you can knit a square and when you’re done put the yarn through the stitches at the top to gather it and seam it. Pompoms are added at the end.

Does that seem doable?

Okay, I think I can do that! I’ll give it a go!

That’s an adorable family. You might even consider crocheting the scarves and even the hats. It would be a slight break from tradition but might be your take on the snowpeople family.