Snowflakes and Arrows Vest

I am wondering…has anyone knitted the Snowflakes and Arrowsvest from Knit Picks? If so, how skilled at Intarsia must you be? I would love to try to work on this vest sometime this fall (in red, petal and blush), but need to learn and get good at Intarsia first.

BTW how hard is intarsia? :lol:


I have NO idea why my post was duplicated! Sorry…can someone get rid of one?

I got rid of the other post.

I don’t think that vest is intarsia–it looks like it would be stranded (Fair Isle) knitting, where you carry both colors all the way across.

Yikes! I haven’t done that yet either…that one (fair isle) scares me big time.

I actually think stranding is easier than intarsia–it’s just taking turns with the two colors, one row at a time. The pattern repeats all across the row, so there’s no real counting, and no problem of holes. Find a small project to practice on–it really is a lot of fun.

I am totally addicted to Fair Isle now, but it scared me for the longest time. I took a class at my LYS and ended up in tears (along with another classmate). :rollseyes: We learned to do it two handed, with your normal knitting hand holding the main color and the other hand holding the accent color. For me, that was knitting the main color English and the accent color continental. UGH!!! My left hand would never cooperate. It was horrendous, but after practice, it’s soooooooooooo much fun. I actually have a much easier time with intarsia, but the results of Fair Isle are so much more rewarding!

Give a small project a try and see if you can find the best way to hold both strands of yarn. Once you are comfortable, go for the vest. It look beautiful!