Snowed in for a week but got lots of knitting done!

I know many of you live in places where you have loads of snow every year and manage just to get on with life but here in Ireland (and in the UK) it brings the country to a grinding halt.

The small country lane I live on is live an ice rink now after a week of artic conditions and we are house bound cos I would never get the car back up the hill. However the up side is I have had loads of time for knitting!

I have started and finished a 1 skein hat using my beautiful Wendy Fusion and even managed to go “off-pattern” and customise it with a simple lacy edge so I guess I am now a ‘proper knitter’.

Santa brought my eldest DD a knitting and crochet set, so yesterday we sat down together and learned how to crochet. I made a flower to embellish the hat.

But now I have no project or yarn left, so off to Ravelery. Thank god for online shopping.

How was your Christmas knitting?

Hurray for snow! That sounds like a wonderful day. How great.

It was a lovely day. My whole family in front of the fire and learning a new skill. I see you are using Galway wool for your Aran sweater - I live 2 miles from the Galway border.Good luck with your project

Thanks! I have taken a bit of a break from the sweater to do some less intense knitting - a scarf of mostly double moss stitch. The Galway wool is an awesome yarn and really nice to work with.

Ireland is a wonderful place to live. I work with many irish men and they are a great bunch.

Have fun in the snow! My husband’s family lives in Cork and I have seen many Irish “country lanes”. I know why you wouldn’t drive on them if they were icy. Enjoy your “forced” time knitting. I grew up in an area where the annual snowfall is huge. I never remember being snowed in where we couldn’t get out. They were just too good at removing the snow. I can’t stand snow anymore and can’t wait to move further south.

I would probably end up committing murder if locked up with my family for a week with no way out. It’s been that kind of week, LOL.

I could finish up most of my projects if homebound for a week, though, then get started on all the ideas you all have given me. If I had the yarn, already. :happydance:

Snow does not get cleared at all here we just do not have the resources. To be fair, this cold snap is very unusual.

I am married to an Irish man GoKnitter so I know exactly what you mean!.

We are free now thank goodness and my hat is so popuar I have had one comissioned.