Snowbird Mittens

I have been working on these since before Christmas, but then they got put on the back burner while I worked on other things.

Pattern: Snowbird Mittens from Vogue’s Fall Magazine (2008)
Yarn: Shibuiknits in Seaweed, the white is a sock yarn from my LYS but I don’t remember what it is :teehee:
Needle: Size 1s and magic loop

They seemed to work too 'cause we have lots of snow :teehee:

They look wonderful Dustina. Great work as always.


Wow, they’re gorgeous! Beautiful work.

They’re beautiful! Your color work skills = :notworthy:

Dustina, they are beautiful!! I’m with Marria on your color skills :notworthy::notworthy:

Oh Dustina…those are gorgeous!!!:inlove: And that snow scene… simply beautiful!!!:yay:

:aww: Thanks everyone, color work isn’t hard at all…the hardest part is getting your tension right but after that it’s a piece of cake…I love colorwork though and I’m trying to do more this year :yay:

Jan~ Thank you,that’s the barn that I see every morning when I wake up…and the arch way we found on our walk in the woods…Roo loved it reminded her of something a princess would walk under :teehee:

Beautiful mittens front and back. That is a very nice pattern. Thanks for the snow pictures. We have it too, but it is beginning to look sunken down a little and dirty in places, not fresh and nice like your pictures.


Wow!!! They’re incredible! Beautiful pics!

Amazing is all I can say.

They are wonderful ! What a lovely snowy scenery . Just horrid rain here in London :slight_smile:

Oh my gosh, those are spectacular. Almost too pretty to wear!

Thay are GORGEOUS!!

And thanks for sharing the beautiful snow pics!!


Those are adorable!!! I just finished my first sweater, so I’ll post that as soon as I’m able.

Just gorgeous!!!

Oooooo ahhhh! Some more knitted ARTWORKS and some beautiful wintery landscapes! This must be where you get all of your INSPIRATION! You are the Fair Isle Queen!