It doesn’t snow very often where I live. It might just rain tomorrow and wash all away so I’m trying to enjoy it while I can.

Oh no its sideways! Oh well, turn yer head to the right to see it

Ooooooo so pretty! Enjoy it while you can!!

That’s my favorite kind of snow…in someone else’s yard! :teehee:

I also like to see it in a good Christmas movie. But, if you like the snow…I’m glad you got it and hope it stays around long enough to enjoy it!:wink:

Your snow came our way and brought below 0 temps too. At least it won’t last more than a couple days.

How pretty! Tonight we’re supposed to get a mix of snow, ice, and sleet with accumulation of about an inch…the snow I can handle, but I hate the thought of hubby having to drive on ice!

Well I live in Canada, where it snows 5 months of each year, so it’s nothing new and exciting to me. But it sure is pretty, isn’t it? I suppose if it’s new to your place, you will enjoy taking lots of pics of it.
I make my own Christmas cards with lovely snow pics. Enjoy!

My daughter is up in your neck of the woods and woke up to snow. She’s surprised and I said, “you know it snows there” and her response was nobody told me… sigh… She’s worried about getting to work as she relies on tri-met.

oooooh!! Its BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks so much for sharing :slight_smile: It never (okay, well, never say never!) snows here, so its lovely to at least see pictures!

Enjoy it while you can!

Yeah that’s the thing about snow, its pretty the first day then the next day you gotta drive in it and it got all frozen over during the night. Well they canceled school for today so that’s good. And its sunny today so maybe it’ll melt enough to be safe but still hang on to railings and trees and stuff so it’ll be pretty.

Sending good vibes for your husbands drive ~~~~~~~

lol…ain’t that the truth! Hubby did get to work ok, but, it took him an hour and a half to get there (normally it’s about a 20-30 min. drive) and school was canceled here as well. Fine by me though as their “winter” break starts next week so any extra days off I welcome…But, I’m sure by the end of the break, after my son and daughter have spent about 2 weeks fighting and yelling at each other, I’ll be ready for my daughter to go back to school…:teehee:

I think we’re supposed to get “ice pellets” tomorrow morning and a wintry mix tomorrow afternoon too…