Snow, Thunder and Lightning!

It’s been snowing all afternoon long. Some neighbours have shovelled three times. It is now snowing still but with a twist. It is thundering and lightning as well! Geez, another storm moving in!

ooo you got thunder snow… I wouldn’t bother shovelling until it passes… I had thundersnow ONCE last Feb, at work. It was just a 15 min cloud passing. The snowfall was so heavy we went from no snow, to near a foot in 15 min. When it passed it was all melted within 10 min… It was crazy intense.

It’s snowing here too, it started sometime after 4:30… I had looked outside at 4:15 and it was wet and rain and some hail and puddles every where… But then at 6 I looked outside and we have a good inch of snow and big fat flakes… everything looks so pretty now.

Awww…I’m so sorry. It was in the 70’s here today. :rofl:

But really, I do feel for you. I always told myself when I was young that when I grew up, I would live someplace warm.

Take it easy down there and drive safe or stay home. Sounds like more is on the way. This winter is CRAZY. :shock:

Can you believe how crazy it is!? All the schools here were closed EXCEPT for my college. Great, eh?
I was talking to my mum while I was making dinner (she lives in Toronto) and she kept saying “listen! Can you hear the thunder???” It didn’t thunder here as far as I know, but it sure is nasty out.

It must be a Great Lakes thing… I only ever saw thundersnow when I lived in Michigan. Never happens out west, and I’ve lived in snowy mountainy areas there.

When i grow up (and i’m almost 27 :teehee: ) i want to live in a place with winter like that!

Ahh. Good ole’ thundersnow. I live in Missouri and have seen thundersnow once. It was fascinating. Univ. of Missouri (Mizzou) was doing a study a couple years ago on thundersnow and they were asking the public to report on any thundersnow incidents. I’ve always been curious as to how that study turned out. Maybe I’ll go check their website now.