Snow Snow Snow Snooooooow! OT

I just got up for work and opened the curtains onto a Winter Wonderland!!!

EVERYTHING has turned white - including half of one of my cats.

It’s about 6 inches deep and still falling. I’ll get to work :pout: but I may need to leave early to get home methinks :eyebrow:

I can garentee that at least three people in my team are gonna call in Snowed in today - so busy day ahead :eyebrow:

Anyone else got a dose of the fluffy stuff???

In North Vancouver here in Canada, we already had snow but it was at an unusual period of time when snows should not be coming out yet. But the amount of snow was unprecedented ( well, in Vancouver ), lots of trees were falling because of heavy snow. It was a strange snow season for us! :thinking:

We have a ton of snow here in southwestern Ontario. It’s been snowing everyday for weeks it seems and really bad for the last week or so. Kids haven’t been to school all week in our area. The snow is piled so high everywhere - it’s definitely a winter wonderland!! No fun for driving though!


Snow? What’s this snow stuff? Oh, wait… I think we had some of that one day like 15 years ago?

it’s snowing like crazy here. (see my blog here at KH)

we’ve escaped so far… probably because we’re on the coast but my sister went up the Mourne mountains yesterday but came home early as it started snowing up there.

We have had the strangest winter in Michigan. It was soo mild for the longest time. It was almost 80 degrees on Thanksgiving this year! :oo: When we went to Texas for the Christmas holidays, we were suprised to find that the weather was exactly the same as back home…wet and in the 50s. We had one freak snow storm in early December, but it melted the same week and warmed right back up again.

And then, all of a sudden, maybe two weeks ago, it got COLD. It started snowing almost every day, all day. Yesterday was the first day I have seen the sun in awhile.

We’ve been at 0 degrees (or below) every day for a week. :pout:

After only two weeks of winter, I am ready for spring!


Same thing happened in Indianapolis. It was freakishly warm all through the end of 2006 and January, but about 2 weeks ago it started to get really cold. We had our first big snowfall on Tuesday. I work on a college campus, and they cancelled classes for the first time in 29 years.

It looks beautiful out, and although it’s cold, the wind isn’t howling, so it’s actually not bad. It’s -1 right now, but I’m nice and toasty inside my office, and can look out the window and see the campus covered in white. It looks gorgeous!

None here in Cornwall! We did have a dose of hail this morning but the sky is now blue with big fluffy white clouds. :sun:

I just got home from work - I work in a university that has a lot of international students, today all of the first years from warmer climates were having soooo much fun building their first ever snowmen and playing like children.

It was so good to see!


We got 4 inches of solid ice almost a month ago, and it still hasn’t melted! I love snow, but ice…not so much. Check out pics of the ice here on my blog - and remember, NONE of the stuff on the ground is snow!

Okay what?! What is your cat doing outside in the snow?! :pout:

Snow sounds pretty though!

Pity those folks living in upper New York. They have like 6 FEET of snow and are expected at least two more squalls of lake effect between now and the weekend. The news guy said they could get a couple feet more, poor things.

Niffer~ Please post us some pics when you get the chance~ it’s cold here but NO SNOW~! :shrug:

Okay what?! What is your cat doing outside in the snow?! Pouting

This morning it was only half of her out in the snow - she was sat at the cat flap - head out - to see what was going on.

Throughout the day she has been out several times to play in it - she loves it for about ten minutes then comes in to get warm and dry before going out again. I’m gonna knit her a full body suit!

The other three are looking out of the windows waiting for it to go away with No intention of going in it!

Silly kitty! :teehee: