Snow Queen Coat

This is from the book “Fairy Tale Knits”. I didn’t choose to make the skirt full length like the pattern…we thought it would get in the way of a 3 year old girl’s activities.

I goofed on the collar. It said to pick up stitches starting at the neck edge. I started them at the edges of the buttonhole and button bands. Naturally, when buttoned up to the neck, the collar overlaps and doesn’t work. I didn’t realize this until all the ends were snipped and woven in and etc.

Dear Lexi will have to wear it without buttoning up the neck button. My guess is she’ll not be too offended.

I’m guessing a 3 yr old won’t even notice so don’t sweat it! It looks adorable just like it is! :yay:

Eh, my kids NEVER button anything to the top - so your lovely overlapping collar added more ruffles and eliminated a useless button, well done!! :mrgreen:

Just darling!

just beautiful!:heart:

Very very pretty, lucky Lexie!

very nice n cute

That’s adorable . . . and so is Lexie.

It is absolutely adorable!!! Love it!

Simply WONDERFUL!!! Great work!!!

Just adorable! I love the color.

Very cute!!

Just love the title, SNOW QUEEN COAT! [I][B]Darling coat![/B][/I]

Very cute! She’ll love it…

Oh man…that is just adorable! Sure wish I’d had someone knitting for my daughter when she was younger!