Snow Peacock Shawl/Veil

Hello I am a slightly experienced/still learning knitter. I have just finished teaching myself how to do cables and am up for another challenge so I’ve decided to start on lace:inlove:
I don’t know if I’m just sadistic or what but I have just fallen in love with a number of lace shawl patterns and since I have the extra $$ right now to splurge on a bunch of yarn I decided to expand my stash to include fingering and lace weight yarns.
I picked the [COLOR=“Red”]Garden of Alla[/COLOR] shawl to start with but then I found this amazing looking piece of work! :muah:
The [COLOR=“Red”]Snow Peacock[/COLOR] wedding veil. I decided to go with this as the pattern is written out and I have no experience reading charts so I want to tackle one thing at a time lol.

So now my questions start:
A) The pattern calls for Fingering weight yarn. I am getting [COLOR=“Red”]this[/COLOR] lace weight yarn and from the comments it sounds like it is a very light weight lace. The pattern says to use size 6 needles and the yarn calls for size 2-3. What size would you suggest going with?
B) If I wanted to make it longer could I just continue to repeat rows 80-83 until I had the desired length?

I thank you ladies in advance for any and all help you can give me :heart: as I take on this new project. LoL The next one I’ll be trying to read from a chart and it will bring it’s own set of questions I’m sure:aww:

The bigger needles are what makes it look lacy so go with the US 6. I’m knitting another Wisp (very easy lace) in fingering weight and size US 8 needles.

You might be able to do that, but it may affect the look of the edge somewhat. Also be aware that blocking will really affect the size.

The size 2 or 3 would be if you want a more solid looking fabric, but lace is always knit on needles 2-4 sizes larger than that. So try out the 6s and see how that works. Also keep in mind that lace looks very crumpled until it’s blocked out, so if you’re not sure it looks right, stretch it out and it’ll look better.

Thank you Ladies.:hug:
One of the people who posted that they had made the shawl said that is how they added length to it (page 3 "RFB’s snow peacock shawl). I was just wanting to check if that sounded right. It does to me as it doesn’t change the stitch count any. I really can’t wait for the yarn to get here! Anyone have experience with the shipping speed from lol
My local bead store is also having a sale this weekend so I hope the yarn gets here this week so I can take it to pick out some beads to accent it with.