Snow! In SC

We rarely get snow, but we got a light dusting last night and it’s still coming down…yes, I know, this ain’t snow compared to some of yours, maybe but it’s pretty! Ya know, here in the Southeast, we rush to the grocery stores, buy out all the milk and eggs and bread if we even get a forecast for it. Our schools close and we actually take pictures of it… LOL! :woohoo:

Do not tell me your schools closed because of that!

It is pretty, would you liketo come visit and see some of ours?

:teehee: Yes, they did! Our counties might have one truck for sand hauling! Ain’t we silly? :mrgreen:

The same would happen if it snowed when I was in San Diego, the amount of car wrecks at least doubles when it barely rains there so closing the schools when the people are not used to it sounds kinda smart!

HAHAHAHA, I grew up on Edisto Island SC. I think there were two snow flakes there ONCE!!!

Now I live in Upstate NY where there is always 2 feet of snow on the ground from December to April!!!

Pretty!!! I wish it would snow here! :lol:

DH grew up in Charleston…he just loves snow!!! We moved to Summerville in 1999 for a short time and it snowed there about 10", first snow they’d seen in 11 years. And I lived in the North GA mountains as a teenager…6-8 foot snows every winter. We had a blast, sliding down the hills on trashcan lids and boxes!

I grew up in Florence, SC. We had several snows when I was a child, but never more than a couple of inches, and never more than one a year. I was an adult before I realized that it could actually snow during the day.


I’d be excited too!! :teehee: then again South Texans aren’t used to the white stuff either!

I’m actually thinking of moving to SC when I retire to get away from the snow! Myrtle Beach.

That much I can handle! :slight_smile:

"[B]two snow flakes[/B]"
Was that other than the two crazy people that said they actually liked snow? :roflhard:

( Hello, I’m Jack and I’m a snow flake! :slight_smile: )
( Hello, Jack, welcome to the twelve step and slide program! :wink: )

You maybe able to handle what’s shown in mwhite’s picture, but the other drivers there can’t and that’s what you really need to get a handle on to be safe! :slight_smile:

I grew up in the “snow belt” of northwestern Pennsylvania, so I can handle driving in almost any weather, but I stay off the roads here around Raleigh, North Carolina for fear of other drivers. But that maybe because there are a lot of “imports” around this town. (Imports as in the people that aren’t from around here.) Well there are two reason not to drive in light snow in the south USA: the drivers I mentioned above and the lack of snow equipment in the South (few trucks and plows, little sand, cinders, or salt, and “[B]what’s a snow tire?[/B]”). :doh:

Oh, I forgot, the warm ground before the winter weather that starts as rain…

First snow melts on wet, warm surface, then as cold continues and snow piles up you get [B]snow covered ice![/B] If they don’t carry snow tires (no hope for studs) then they sure won’t have tire chains! That would be the only way to get around on snow covered ice.

–Jack :guyknitting: