Snow in Michigan

[COLOR=black]Well, those of who live in the Detroit area have just experienced our first semi big snow fall. Here are some pictures that I took from my window. (I’m not going out today) [/COLOR]
[COLOR=black]The first one is of my son-in-law and the twins clearing the driveway. The twins had a ball shoveling with their dad. The rest are my views from the window.[/COLOR]

I feel your pain:sad:
I live in northern Oakland County (Clarkston) and we are buried!
I don’t mind sitting by the fire knitting all day…just hope the roads are cleared up by tomorrow am for work!!

Lots of snow in south Monroe County, too! The kids are hoping for no school tomorrow! :wink:

I’m just across the border in Windsor, and we got pummled too. I have some pics I have yet to upload.

I love it, only I wish I had some snow boots. I had to throw last years pair out thanks to a bad leak.

I had pics of my stairs from last night, and I wanted to do a compare to this morning, but my landlord already came and took care of it… so oh well. lol.


I’m in Grand Rapids…I love the snow! We were out playing at 9am today. Tell me though, why does the street plow always come AFTER you’ve shoveled your driveway?! :slight_smile:

[SIZE=3]Many of the schools are closing tomorrow. I teach in Detroit Public and they have already stated that they are closing. Here is the URL to channel seven’s school closing [/SIZE][SIZE=3]website[/SIZE][SIZE=3].[/SIZE]

I saw that. I was watching tv and all these school closings pop up. I am thinking… The storm is over… school is tomorrow… and yet they can’t clear the way in time? I never understood that. Here in Windsor we get the same snow as you Detroit, and yet they would have snow days all the time, and we could get 5 feet of snow and still have to go.

lol. I guess it’s coz we are Canadian, with our Polar blood. lol.

I remember one snow day when I was in HS… The only snow day I had in HS, and it was only a half day, coz we lost power from an ice storm. OH well.

I’m in Mid Michigan and the reason they have been cancelling school like crazy around here is because we have so many students who live on back roads. With all the drifting, the plows can’t keep the country roads clear. When half your kids are snowed in, it’s kind of irresponsible for the school districts to open the schools.

My son, dil, and sister live in the South Bend, IN area and they have a foot plus of snow depending on whether you live north of the Indiana toll road or not. They even had a horrible semi/state trooper accident on the toll road yesterday when the trooper was on the shoulder sitting in his car with his lights on, a semi driving over the speed limit slammed on his breaks when he saw the police, jack knifed and hit the trooper’s car, throwing it into the median and back across the road. Thank God the trooper was airlifted to the hospital but found to have just a concussion when he came to.

We here in the south have sunny cool weather near 40 now but supposed to get to upper 50’s today.