Snow in london ,uk

We have had the biggest snow fall in London for 18 years . Here is my son Luke making snow angels :slight_smile:

Snow angels are one of the best things about snow! How many centimeters did you have?

When I saw the snow report for London (it is making news here in the states!) I thought of you!

Glad to see you’re enjoying it!

Great pictures Rita. It will probably be on our news tonight too. Will let you know.

Rita I am so jealous. I live in Frinton, Essex and we got maybe an inch not enough to cover the grass. it is now raining and what little we did get is just about gone. DH had big problems getting into work in the west end this morning.

I head that Paris got hit with lots of snow, too.

Oh how cute! Enjoy it while it lasts!

It’s pretty! At least everyone had a bit of fun! (Right?)

I want snow too! Me might have a tiny bit of flurries overnight, here but man I want snow like you got!

Big fluffy flakes of it!



We had some in Birmingham too! My feet got very wet on the way in to campus. When I went to the shop earlier there were some guys building a snowman in the street and I’ve had to keep watching out for badly thrown snowballs.

Luke’s school is shut today and yesterday . Hubby has gone to work by train today . :slight_smile: Too much ice out there .
We are supposed to have more by the end of the week . Not as much though .

I was listening to BBC radio last night and heard about this. Crazy! I’m glad you are enjoying it. :slight_smile:

Love the photos of the snow! We live in northern Canada so we get lots but used to live in England and know how everything must be in chaos there! Like here the kids love it when there is a snow day-enjoy it while it lasts!

Am I missing something? Is it unusual to have snow in London?

Rita how cute is Luke making snowangels:hug: Great pics!!
Stay indoors today and stay warm.I’m sure Luke won’t :roflhard:

It has not snowed like this in 18 years or so . In London we are lucky if we get a little snow for a day and it is gone the following day .
I do remember as a child we used to have lots of snow that lasted for a week or two. But the weather has changed over the years and we are lucky to get any at all. It does still snow heavily in higher places but not so much here .

Julie _ Glad you liked the pics . Luke was so funny yesterday . He was out there for hours. His dad gave up and came in and left Luke out there lol:roflhard:

I do think it’s cute to see/hear the reactions of people who don’t usually get snow to snow. About this time I’ve year I’m thinking in 4-letter words whenever I hear the “s word”. And I am getting to the point where I am even more determined to buy a house with sheltered parking this year so I don’t have to scrape my car as often next year. But when you haven’t seen it in a while, or you only get it once a year - it is awfully pretty. :slight_smile:

Anyone who’s read about Holmes, knows London only gets FOG. LOL :slight_smile:

I don’t think getting snow was the event, it was the amount of snow they got. The largest snowfall in 18 years.

I even heard from a friend down in the south of England that they saw snow down there. My friend is a Ranger in a park somewhere near London (though she is from the York area).

Well, Google maps was of little help since there are seemingly dozens upon dozens of parks in England.


So, how cold does it get there in the winter months? I knww you have foggy days and lots of rain, but I’m curious about the snow thing. I assumed your weather was like mine (dumb, I know) in upstate NY. How much did you get anyway? Like some others, I’m ready for spring already. The snow’s not pretty anymore. It’s grey and dirty.

We got about 9 inches here in London where i am . It is still out there now .