Snow in jerusalem!

Every year we’re in Jerusalem are waiting anxiously for the snow to come. Last few years were not something worth mentioning, but this time it’s great! It’s cold, it’s been snowing for the last 24 hours with breaks, the wind is really strong and the snow just keeps falling! Almost no one went to work, the buses were canceled, they just started working again tonight. The news say that tonight is going to be even more snow, so i guess no work tomorrow either :woot:. We went in the morning to walk our dog Tyra, who had so much fun running around and eating snow and trying to catch it in the air!
So here are some pictures for ya:thumbsup:

That’s our park:

That’s Tyra and DH modeling:

And that’s what i saw out of our kitchen window on 6.45am today:

And out younger cat, Mason, wanted to have a look too:

Oh nice! Thanks for sharing pictures! That’s a part of the world I’ll probably never get to see.

That’s a lot of snow for an area which really doesn’t see snow! Enjoy it while it lasts!

Actually, we do get some snow from time to time. I remember, on the year 2000 we had snow for 4 days, it was up to our knees! Coming from Russia, i still miss the “regular” winter, the one with lots of snow!

I didn’t know it snowed in Jerusalem! :doh:

It looks beautiful!! your dog is SOOOO CUTE!! what kind is it? it reminds me of my malamute but it looks smaller.

i’ve always wanted to visit but since I am going to dubai to see my father apparently i can’t until he gets transferred back to the states.

Thank you :slight_smile: She’s a husky mixed with shepherd, so she’s got a weird figure :teehee: She has short feet and wide front part… She’s definitely not like the lady she got her name from :roflhard:

You’re mostly welcome!

No wonder she looks like my malamute she is a husky!!! my dog was full malamute and was black and white with similar face markings. He was sooo cute. I miss him. he was bulky. he weighed like 125 lbs. he’s neck was 32’ he was such a great dog.

yea I can visit Israel but then UAE won’t let me in!! isn’t that crazy!! My father says if I want to stop by Israel first before I visit then I should just tell the customs people to do stamp it on a page by itself so I can rip it off so UAE can let me in. if fhey see it they don’t let you in apparantly. My father is there for work so work won’t let him visit and he wants to.

lucky you!