Sneaking in moments to knit

I’m bummed. Due to having an impossible amount of homework, I may not see my knitting needles for a couple of weeks, but definately not for the next 4 days. :frowning: I drive to and from work myself (no public transport opportunities to knit), don’t have any dr. appts lined up, and shouldn’t even by typing this because of the workload).

I pose the question to those who’ve been knitting longer than I (which is pretty much everyone here):

How do you fit knitting into your daily routines?

:rollseyes: welllllllllll…i think it is pretty well documented at this point, i knit in traffic. not in moving traffic mind you, but at stop lights and such. i knit in the drive through and in grocery store lines. i knit when i decide to take a break at work (which is actually not terribly often, mostly because i do this while working!) I go to movies a lot on the weekends and knit there.

so basically, i knit whenever i find a moment that my hands aren’t doing something else, and when i am not sleeping! :wink:

all that being said, i leave my house around 8am and get home around 10pm each day so i have no choice but to steal moments.

brenda~ you have my Dh hours!!! i don’t see how you all do it.

i knit at night and on the weekend. but i have time to knit during the day just choose not too because the kids are around and i’m on here or doing something else…

Since I began knitting last year because I am disabled and was trying to find something to both occupy my time and help keep my mind off of my pain…I knit all of the time! :wink:

I just take something small and uncomplicated with me everywhere and get in a row or two. I have a practice skein for learning new bits–working on cables at the moment–I get practice in, and I don’t feel frustrated if I mess up.

Another way to work it in when busy is to think of it as a treat. Like right now, I am grading essays, and this morning I’ve been grading a couple (for 30 or so minutes), then “treating” myself to a few rows of knitting. That way I don’t think about how I wish I were knitting…I use it as a reward for getting my work done :smiley:

So, after you read a chapter, or do some math problems, whatever it is you’re doing for homework, give yourself a treat for being a good student: knit! It even helps get the brain going, all that creativity!

I like the suggestion of using it as a treat, but I tend to knit and knit and knit…and keep going. “Just one more row and I’ll quit.”


:smiley: Me too. But it also helps to break up the crazyness going onin my brain. If I’m writing a paper I CAN"T go for more than 2 hours without taking a break. Some people go out and smooke. I knit. Sometimes I’ll do stuff like put a song on the computer. I’ll let it only play that one song and I can knit to it. When the song is over…BACK TO WORK!!

I tend to use something else to time myself; otherwise, I’d just keep on knitting all night. I’ll put on a cd or a short playlist on itunes and then when the music runs out, I stop knitting/whatever other goofing off I’m doing. I also knit at org meetings (but not in class - I think it’s rude) and if I get back from lunch early. There’s one tv show I watch so I consider that an hour each week of guilt-free knitting.

I wish I could figure out how read and knit at the same time. I have so much reading this semester!

I get up extra early (before dh and my boys get up) to have some “me” time. I use that time for prayer and meditation, for knitting, and for working out. Sometimes I miss my workout b/c I’m too caught up in my knitting. :doh: I’m the same as you Clabbergirl - I just start knitting and knitting and knitting and can’t stop (always with that same phrase “Just one more row.”). Sometimes I will set a timer, but that only works if I make myself quit when the timer goes off. :rollseyes:

I am soooo looking forward to traveling at Thanksgiving so I will some extra knitting time. I am actually looking forward to the 13 hour drive!!

LOL, I pretty sure that we all do the “knitting, knitting and maybe just a bit more knitting, just one more row…”…we are addicted to the knit :wink:

Hmm, yes, and addicted to the discussion board about knitting, which is almost the same thing! “Just one more thread, just one more post…”

i got a question for everyone knitting while at the stop light or what not… how do you remember what row and/or stitch you are on???


I’m curious about that, too! I need at least a minute or two to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing. How do you do it?

I am home during the day, so I do get more chances to knit. I am home, however, with three one-year olds, so usually I use nap time as knitting time. I also use knitting as a “treat”, especially when I need to be doing other things- Ok, I’ll put in that load of laundry, and then knit for a few minutes- Ok, I’ll clean the living room, and then knit for a few minutes…etc.
I also knit at night after my kids are in bed!!

I am mastering the art of multi-tasking to get my knitting in.

For example, I’ll be reading message forums on the computer, and reading while knitting. Unless its a very complicated pattern, I can knit without watching what I’m doing, just a quick glance every one in awhile to double check there are still stitches on the needles. :lol:

Seriously though - its definitely a challenge - although not while driving - if I’m stuck at a stop light, I read 8)

I can quit any time I want to… :shifty: