SnB Umbilical cord hat?

I’ve searched to see if this has been answered, but it doesn’t appear to have been, so…

I am at the end of the SnB umbilical cord hat. I am totally unsure what it means by pulling the I-cord through the 4 stitches, drawing the I cord to a close, then drawing the loose end down inside of it to finish.

Do I knit the I cord like normal, then pull the cast on yarn through the stitches or the actual I cord through? Then what about the rest?

Perhaps pregnant brain is affecting me, but I just can’t picture this, and have never seen one in person (I’m the only person I know IRL that knits!).
Any help is appreciated!:muah:

I just finished an umbilical cord hat, hope I can explain it so you understand… (there is a reason I don’t write patterns)

When you get to the end of the hat you should have 4 stitches left, you will use these 4 stitiches to knit I cord to what ever length you want. I made mine a bit longer to atually knot the I cord. When you have gotten the I cord to the desired length you will still have 4 stitches left.

You then draw the lose end through those four stitches to “bind off”. Your stitches will be drawn up and you will still have a lose end.

Using a tapestry needle thread the loose end andstick it down the middle of the I cord , turn the hat inside out and clip. Then if you are knotting the Icord the end will be hidden inside the cord and knotted.

oh, thank you. I didn’t realize that you actually USE those four stitches to knit the I cord. That wasn’t clear to me. I also don’t get why they don’t just say, “Bind off,” because that I would have understood! Thanks again! Your explanation made perfect sense.

**ETA: just did the I cord part, and it was so easy. It made so much more sense the way you explained it. I still don’t get why it was not explained more clearly, but perhaps, since the “guide” part is for beginners, it was just over-explained for me when all I needed was “bind off”! I retyped it into the computer with those things clear (knit from 4 stitches, bind off).