SnB umbilical cord hat

I have made several of of these caps with no problem, using worsted yarn.

I just started another with Knit One Crochet Too fleece, but it looks just awful. The brim doesn’t roll up, and I can’t figure what I did wrong. Maybe the yarn just isn’t suited for the roll brim. I checked the Knit One Crochet Two website to see what they recommend, but with no luck.

Anybody have an idea ?

I’m not familiar with the yarn, but it could be too floppy to roll. Maybe if you knit at a tighter gauge?

Either that, or make a ribbed edge to start rather than have a rolled brim.

Thank you, Ingrid, for your suggestion. There just doesn’t seem to be any stitch definition with this fleece, so maybe the ribbing will help hug the baby’s head.

I can’t remember the last project I did where I went straight through without frogging at some point. It is discouraging, but the click of the needles keeps luring me on to yet another challenge.

Don’t worry about the frogging - it happens to all of us. If it makes you feel better, see the Yarn Harlot’s recent blog entries about having to frog back nearly an entire sleeve.